hire! Philly wants to help left-behind communities rejoin the

hire! Philly, a local employer-led workforce group, has announced a new platform that connects locals with career opportunities.

PropelPHL Is a free, interactive digital platform that brings together job seekers, employers, workforce agencies and social welfare organizations in one place.

“We want to create a new workforce development model that understands the path to a career, which meets immediate needs and matches training, mentorship and skills-based work. Must include a connection to the community services we provide, “said Executive Director Kathryn Epps Roberson Employment! Philly said at a virtual press conference on Wednesday.

“The platform we are introducing today does all of the above.”

The first phase of PropelPHL’s deployment focuses on reducing barriers to the marginalized communities of Philadelphia, which were adversely affected by unemployment in 2020.

“It’s very important that we focus on economic recovery, which means economic recovery in black and brown communities, low- and middle-income communities, most of which are really good jobs for people. Is to connect with. ” Sharmine Matlock Turner, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Affairs Union.

“The real job here is to get people in the community to sign on and see this talent in the community with other employers. These are looking, ready and glad. People who can join your team and make a difference. “

Hire! Before launching the platform! Philadelphia representatives spoke with community members and leaders to understand their view of the workforce today.

“The members of the community we talked to really helped uncover the myth that they didn’t want to go back to work at all,” Epps Roberton said.

“In fact, people want to get back to work, but they want to get back to work with dignity and respect. Job seekers return to the workforce to meet only the jobs that pay the minimum wage. I don’t want that. “

“It’s important for us to create a skill-based connection between job seekers and employers who pay their living wages,” she continued.

“PropelPHL is in a position to help job seekers make informed decisions and put them in a position to evaluate their employers in the same way they do.”

The platform allows job seekers to match thousands of jobs based on their skills, identify training programs, connect to community resources, and explore career paths.

Employers can use this platform to grow their talent pipeline by working with a diverse pool of skilled candidates, and training providers can use it to provide targeted support. I will.

“There is no Philadelphia-based solution that does all of the above and puts it together in one central location,” says Epps Roberson.

“Propel PHL is really the first of its kind, with the ultimate goal of connecting talent and skills with opportunities.”

hire! Philadelphia gives “Propel PHL Points” to some nearby free libraries, Freedom Valley YMCA locations, and community centers that not only allow individuals to connect to digital platforms, but also receive direct support and connections to the community resources they need. We plan to introduce it.

hire! Philly wants to help left-behind communities rejoin the

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