High school seniors sleep over at the principal’s house and play pranks – NBC10 Philadelphia

A boarding school principal unwittingly hosted more than 70 guests in his on-campus home.

grand prank It was hatched last month by graduates of St. Andrews School in Middletown, Delaware.

In the now viral Instagram video, Joy McGrath, dressed in a bathrobe and yellow crocs, wandered into her kitchen at 6 a.m. and found a group of students camped on the floor. McGrath dropped her jaw and she ran out of her room.

“It was a shock. They were everywhere like sardines,” says McGrath. Today.com. “It took me a little while to realize, ‘This is a senior prank!'”

McGrath returns a short time later and shoots the entire scene.have children wherever.

“Good morning, little bunnies!” McGrath said in the video as the class of 2023 burst into laughter.

McGrath’s husband, Ty Jones, was into a wholesome gag and left the front door unlocked so he could sneak in at 1 a.m.

Cai-chung “Austin” Chuan, who filmed McGrath’s reaction, told TODAY.com that he and his buddies came up with the idea after senior prom.

“Mrs. McGrath invited us all to breakfast at about 12:00 am,” recalls 18-year-old Chuan. “Someone joked that it’s okay to go to bed right away in the living room.

Their plan went smoothly.

“I can sleep no matter what,” McGrath says. Case in point: Mr. McGrath, who graduated from St. Andrews College in 1992, can’t remember his senior’s pranks.

“He was sleeping too!” she says.

The seniors enjoyed a breakfast of donuts and coffee with McGrath and her husband before heading back to their dorms.

“Mrs. McGrath takes very good care of us,” Chuan said. “Whenever people have a problem, they feel comfortable talking to her. She works hard to build her trust.”

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