Hereford Township’s Crossley Farm Site and Landsdale Site Receive EPA Cleanup Funds

The Crossley Farms site in Hereford Township is one of nearly 50 toxic waste sites across the United States and will be cleaned up when federal environmental authorities announce a $ 1 billion injection into the Super Fund program on Friday. ..

This site receives $ 5.5 million in funding. According to the website of Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.
Hereford’s site was added to the Super Fund list in 1992.

The dumping of 55 gallon drums of trichlorethylene began at Crossley Farm at least 50 years ago. Cleanup is ongoing.

In the 1960s and 1970s, at least 1,200 drums of carcinogenic industrial solvents and degreasers were removed from Bally Case & Cooler Co. in the pits of the then-owned 209-acre dairy farm with household waste. It was buried. Brothers Harry and James Crosley.

In 1997, the US Environmental Protection Agency installed a water treatment system in a home with about 65 contaminated wells.

Trichlorethylene (TCE) can cause cancer and has detrimental effects on the nervous system, liver, respiratory system, kidneys, blood, immune system, and heart. TCE does not dissolve in water or fade over time.

According to the EPA, the money comes from a $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill signed by President Joe Biden last month and is a polluted supermarket in 24 states that have been stagnant for years due to lack of funds. Helps authorities work on the outstanding portion of the fund site.

Approximately 60% of sites cleaned are in low-income and minority communities that are disproportionate to the pollution left by closed manufacturing plants, landfills, and other abandoned industrial activities.

File – EPA administrator Michael Regan for his EPA photographer near the graveyard next to the NuStar Energy oil storage tank after a television interview in St. James’s Parish, Louisiana on Tuesday, November 16. take a photo. , 2021. Federal environmental authorities have announced a $ 1 billion injection into the Super Fund program. Regan made an announcement on Friday, December 17, 2021 at the Philadelphia Superfund site. He says most sites are in the minority community, which suffers from pollution disproportionately. (AP Photo / Gerald Herbert, File)

“Communities don’t have to live behind contaminated waste sites,” EPA administrator Michael Regan told Philadelphia’s Lower Darby Creek Super Fund site Friday.

Another Pennsylvania-funded site is in Lansdale, which is “inside the North Pennsylvania Department and was found to contain high levels of trichloroethene in 1979.” Other Burks superfund sites are not mentioned.

This fund is the first installment of a $ 3.5 billion budget for a bipartisan infrastructure law superfund program. The announcement the day after Regan disclosed plans to release $ 2.9 billion in infrastructure legislation to remove lead pipes nationwide and impose stricter rules to limit exposure to lead, a serious health hazard. Will be done in.

Pennsylvania has two sites on the Super Funds backlog list and 90 sites on the entire Super Funds list.

Hereford Township’s Crossley Farm Site and Landsdale Site Receive EPA Cleanup Funds

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