Heavy rains urge evacuation under dams in Johnstown area – Daily Local

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Harrisburg, PA (AP) —Emergency officials rushed to evacuate about 3,000 people under a dam near Johnstown on Wednesday after several hours of heavy rain triggered plans to secure downstream residents. ..

Art Martinuska, head of emergency management in Cambria County and head of the 911 Center, said the water level at Wilmore Dam had reached a height that required evacuation. Hinkston Random is also being monitored and may require evacuation, Martinuska said.

Wilmore Dam “has reached the stage where the emergency action plan requires evacuation in flooded areas downstream of the dam,” Martinuska said. Both dams are a few miles from Johnstown.

The evacuees were taken to a nearby high school with the help of the Red Cross, the National Guard, local transportation, and school transportation.

There were other minor evacuation in Cambria County, Martinuska said.

Pennsylvania were soaked in preparation for heavy rains and strong winds as hurricane Aida debris struck the state and flooded streams, streams, and rivers.

“If you can stay home today, stay home,” Governor Tom Wolf said at a press conference from Harrisburg’s Office for Emergency Management headquarters in Pennsylvania. He warned that cities, rivers and flash floods were expected until Thursday.

“The best thing we can all do right now is to stay home and stay safe,” Wolff said.

The National Weather Service has warned that the highest risk of flooding is to travel hundreds of miles along the Maryland border to the mountains south of State College. The Susquehanna River is expected to reach its summit sometime Thursday, and a small tornado threat has been posted.

PennDOT said more than 50 roads had already been closed by midnight Wednesday as the system arrived in the western part of the state. After the school bus got stuck in the high waters of the Pittsburgh area, a boat was needed to rescue the students.

Randy Padfield, the state’s emergency director, said rain and strong winds on already moist soil, and trees with heavy leaves increased the likelihood of a power outage.

In the Harrisburg Area, countless schools, businesses and other institutions have plans to close or close early, as it was expected to rain more than 5 inches (12 cm) before strong winds arrived late that day. bottom.

Late Tuesday, the wolf issued a disaster emergency that would deploy a team to respond to the storm and its aftermath.

Approximately 120 National Guards were activated and supported the operation of approximately 3 dozen high-clearance turbines capable of carrying out evacuation. The guards also served as part of the state’s helicopter aquatic rescue team.

The state’s Federal Response Coordination Center’s 24-hour operation began Wednesday morning.

Heavy rains urge evacuation under dams in Johnstown area – Daily Local

Source link Heavy rains urge evacuation under dams in Johnstown area – Daily Local

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