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Doctors at Klaipeda University Hospital in Lithuania were shocked to find the cause of abdominal pain in men on X-ray, the Guardian reported on October 1. Metal objects over 1 kilogram: nuts, nails, bolts, screws, knives. It took the surgeon three hours to remove the debris and repair the lining of the stomach. The unnamed man is under surveillance and is provided with psychological assistance.

Wrong identity

United Press International reported that a park ranger was called to a house in San Mateo, California on October 3 to rescue a tarantula stranded on the roof. However, according to the Peninsular Humane Society, when police officers climbed to catch it, she found an old Halloween decoration instead.

Buffy Tarbox, Communications Manager of the Humane Society, said: “Everyone thought it was real.”

A fake spider ran into a circular file after appearing on various desks in the Humane Society office for several days.

It’s a mystery

On October 4, WRAL-TV reported several drivers along Highway 147 in Durham, North Carolina, that a brown greasy-smelling liquid hit the car and subsequently damaged the paint.

“It smelled like a kind of bleach,” said Heather Tolerer. “It was raining on the car. It seems acidic, considering how it eats up the car’s paint.”

The mystery was resolved two days later. A representative of the chemical wholesale company Brenntag informed WRAL-TV that some of its employees had decompressed and cut an empty sulfuric acid railcar at a company facility adjacent to a highway, releasing acid vapor. .. In the air.


Bill Fisher, a security agency in Fargo, North Dakota, is constantly fighting certain red squirrels, Fox23-TV reported. Every fall, animals squirrel away walnuts in Fisher’s pickup truck for the coming winter, and Fisher needs to remove the walnuts so they can drive the truck. This year, Fisher collected about 350 pounds of walnut from parts of the engine, wheelwells, front bumpers and doors. Fisher said he tried spraying the truck with a mixture of Tabasco sauce and cayenne pepper, but now thinks the squirrel is attracted to the scent.

“Now, years later, I have to have a good sense of humor about this,” he said.

The concept is unclear

According to Fox16-TV, Abbey Strange, an assistant prison administrator in Perry County, Arkansas, allowed prisoner Sandra Lapordo to leave his cell and smoke marijuana on September 24. After that, he lost his job and faced a felony criminal prosecution. Investigators said Strange disabled the cell door alarm and handed the key to Lapordo. The warning system warned the agent that the door was half-open and they quickly found both women. Strange also allegedly supplied the arc to Rappold.

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Heavy metal diet Causes of human abdominal pain [News of the Weird] – Reading Eagle

Source link Heavy metal diet Causes of human abdominal pain [News of the Weird] – Reading Eagle

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