Heat’s PJ Tucker doesn’t sit for a break (because Erik Spoelstra measures to stick to the equation) – Reading Eagle

The value of PJ Tucker is that he is a perpetual motion machine, cycling to open corners with attacks and always seeking challenges in defense.

The problem with the veteran Miami Heat Forward also means he won’t stop. This is not always the preferred approach for the 36-year-old, who is essential to playoff floats.

So, yes, coach Erik Spoelstra tried to create an occasional night. And no, Tucker wasn’t obliged to the overmatched Oklahoma City Thunder, even on Friday night, even though his left knee was listed as painful and suspicious.

So what does it take for Tucker to spend the night?

“Two bodyguards,” Spoelstra said with a laugh. Heat turned his attention to a road game with the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night. “No, really. Every time I suggest it, he will just laugh at my face. Sometimes he will just frown at me.”

Due to Friday’s winning bias, Heatlead culminated at 29 and Tucker only played at 17:44. Still, since returning from absent due to health and safety protocols, Tucker has only missed two games since January 3rd and has played all but one since February 1st.

“But we were able to give him a little rest [Friday] Spoelstra said in just one of two eight-day stretches ending Sunday in the Thunder game. “And this week was very helpful to many. We were able to get some rest and recovery, but we were also able to work on the game and try to improve.

“A week like this has never been seen in this association, which plays only two games, so I think it really helps. You’ll find that it benefits a lot of people, including PJs. “

For scheduled absences, one of the remaining two consecutive sets when Heat plays the New York Knicks next Friday and Saturday, then Brooklyn Nets, or perhaps a series of home games on April 2-3. May enter. When Heat is playing a series of road games against the Chicago Bulls and the Toronto Raptors.

“I understand,” Spoelstra said. “I don’t think this schedule needs to be so for now, but I pay attention to their back-to-back.

“At this point, I’m not going to decide anything in advance. I’ll know as soon as I get there. He’ll be fine by Monday.”

Southeast Champion

With a Friday night victory, Heat won the Southeast Division title. It is the title of the 15th division in the 34 seasons of the franchise and the 8th title under Spoelstra.

The heat has not yet won the playoff spots, as the division titles do not come with post-season automatic berths. However, the division title is one of the NBA’s major playoff seed tiebreakers.

Last season’s heat finished second in the southeast in one match after the Atlanta Hawks.

Allison donation

Micky Arison, owner of the Heat Family Foundation, and his wife Madeleine Arison have pledged $ 3 million to an organization that provides medical and humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees who have fled or forcibly fled abroad. ..

Each of the three organizations has promised $ 1 million. WorldCentralKitchen serves meals to Ukrainian families who have left home and remain in the country. Direct relief. We provide medical assistance, medicines and supplies to refugees and those who have fled to neighboring countries in Ukraine. UNICEF USA works with partners to provide essential services to vulnerable children and families.

In addition, Carnival Corporation, chaired by Micky Arison, has donated $ 50,000 to World Central Kitchen in the name of Ukrainian employees and crew.


Heat’s PJ Tucker doesn’t sit for a break (because Erik Spoelstra measures to stick to the equation) – Reading Eagle

Source link Heat’s PJ Tucker doesn’t sit for a break (because Erik Spoelstra measures to stick to the equation) – Reading Eagle

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