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At a rare time of the season, the Miami Heat incorporated two practices into this week’s schedule. To some extent, the 120-108 victory on Friday night against Oklahoma City Thunder at the FTX Arena felt like a third.

This wasn’t an NBA-level competition, and Thunder was there this evening, so I played against a team that was bad when I was healthy and even worse when I was shorthand.

As a result, Thunder was defeated eight times in a row as the Heat’s 5-2 home stand ended and he won another title in the Southeast Division.

“It was a professional victory,” said Erik Spoelstra, director of Heat.

The heat is perfect for dawning Jimmy Butler when Oklahoma City offers points such as Shai Gilgeous Alexander and former Florida Gators Tre Mann and feels like playing 5-2. It was a nice night. Rest the sprained right ankle and limit the amount of remaining rotation.

It seems that almost everyone in Heat Color got their number. Center Bam Adebayo closed with 19 points and nine rebounds, resting throughout the fourth quarter and denying double-double.

On the way to 26 points from Tyler Herro, there was now a typical second quarter statement. And from Duncan Robinson and Max Strus, enough 3 pointers, Robinson finishes with 19 points, Strus 12.

“We definitely talked about it,” Robinson said.

Gilgeous-Alexander finished with 26 points, Man 25.

Despite winning the South East, Heat has not yet won the playoff spot.

5 degrees fever from Friday match:

1. No deacon or Oladipo: Both Butler and Victor Oladipo were offered for the heat.

Spoelstra said that Oladipo’s inability to play in the match due to a back cramp does not mean that his return from quadriceps surgery in May has receded.

“I think it’s just an added workload,” Spoelstra said two weeks after Oladipo returned. “You can do all the behind-the-scenes and all the conditioning, but that’s not the actual game action. But we can definitely manage it. He’s already feeling much better. I’m starting. “

As Butler had yet another ankle sprain, Spoelstra was asked about Butler not having an ankle sprain.

“When people get injured or injured, you just try to control all the noise,” Spoelstra said. “Everyone has an opinion on everything. I’ll handle it. Jimmy will handle it. Our training staff are great. We take it. Thankfully, this is a long term. It’s not something, but we manage it. “

2. Aggressive bend: For those who question the lack of aggressive turns in modern games, Raleigh issued three three-pointers early in the third period to get rid of it effectively.

Laurie, who played on Friday, has tried to shoot less than four shots in four out of five games since he missed four games for family reasons.

“We had to go out and work there,” Raleigh said he wouldn’t participate in the competition.

This time, he had a maximum of 7 shots by the midpoint of the third term.

He closed 6 of 9 from the field. This includes a 16-point 3-pointer 7-4, which is only needed at 27:36.

“I’m preparing myself,” he said of the road to the playoffs.

3. Hero again: Heroes maintained their recent second quarter dominance pattern. This time, three-quarters from the field and six-sixths from the line, I scored 12 points during this period.

His efforts helped push the heat to a 69-54 half-time lead, and Mann needed to score 20 points in Thunder’s second quarter.

Mann’s 20 scored the most newcomers in the NBA’s quarter this season and was also the record for the quarter’s Thunder newcomers.

Mann went second from the field to 8 of 11.

The hero slammed his fist on the court when he landed awkwardly after the shot, and then temporarily dragged in the middle of the third period. He then headed to the changing room, but shortly thereafter resumed his activities.

“We are all That Spoelstra immediately spoke of his concerns. “So that’s one of them.” Oh. .. .. The moment. “

4. 3-for-all: Robinson missed the first three-point attempt and immediately made the next three, a personal 9-0 run over 1:25, giving the heat an 11-2 lead and Thunder’s time-out of 3:24. Forced to.

When Robinson went to the bench, the heat lead was trimmed to 27-26 and entered the second period.

Strass then picked up from there and made four of his first six three-point attempts, including one of the second quarters from the logo to beat the shot clock.

Robinson closed the 5 of 8 across the arc and Strass closed the 4 of 11.

And yes, at some point Robinson seemed to turn to Thunderbench and question their defensive approach to him.

“Whenever you see the ball go a few times, you may start to feel a bit rough,” Robinson said.

5. Short time: Caleb Martin is back after missing three games due to a left knee hyperextension against the Phoenix Suns on March 9.

Markieff joined Strass in the middle of the first quarter after the hero and Markieff Morris came in.

This approach suggests the possibility of a heat small ball approach, with four reserves playing ahead of backup center Dewayne Dedmon.

Morris was cast in the center of the alignment, where he started the second and fourth quarters.

Morris finished with 13 points, Martin 11.

“Honestly, the game is much easier at 5,” Morris said. “For me, that’s what it is, just put me there, and I’ll understand it.”


Heat Roll to 120-108 Victory Like Business Against Thunder – Reading Eagle

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