Heat, Butler makes 118-107 opening statement to Celtics, taking 1-0 lead in East Final – Leading Eagle

Bam Adebayo chased and blocked Jaylen Brown as if he was suffocating Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics again in the finals of the 2020 Eastern Conference.

Max Strus continued the highlighted transition dunk as these playoff moments have not yet proven to be too big for the undrafted players of the Miami Heat.

And Jimmy Butler continued to steal after Boston’s time-out, offering his own puncturing slam to what turned into a fierce 22-2 surge.

So Heat 118, Celtics 107 Tuesday night at the FTX Arena, a 1-0 lead in these Best 7 East Finals, a winner against the Golden State Warriors or the Dallas Mavericks in the League Championship series.

“It felt like our energy had shifted,” Adebayo said. “And the crowd got into it.

“I think we just woke up.”

No, it wasn’t just about grabbing the moment, but it was urgent to show what Erik Spoelstra’s team could do at the most active, most aggressive, and most electrical best. I was there.

Basically, Heat decided it was a go-time.

“We wanted them to feel us,” guard Gabe Vincent said of the breakthrough in the third quarter. “The first half was too comfortable.”

Yes, the Celtics had a palliative situation because they didn’t have bystanders Al Horford and Marcus Smart.

However, it also continued to play the heat in a place where Kyle Lowry was not injured. Kyle Lowry’s hamstring didn’t stop him celebrating each stuffy or shimmering sequence.

Butler led the heat with 41 points, supported by Tyler Herro’s 18 points and Vincent’s 17 points, and Adebayo cleaned up the occasional uneven heat defense sequence as needed.

“I play the same as I play to win,” Butler said.

This provided enough heat to offset 29 points from the Celtics Tatum and 24 points from Brown.

Game 2 will take place Thursday at 8:30 pm at the FTX Arena.

Five degrees of heat from the match on Tuesday:

1. End time: The heat dragged 28-25 at the end of the first period, dropped to 13 in the second period, and dragged to 62-54 in half-time when Tatum scored 21 points.

The heat then put together a 22-2 run at the beginning of the third quarter, but only saw the Celtics react with a 9-0 run. In the end, the heat beat the Celtics 39-14 to fourth place 93-76.

“They were really disappointed in half-time,” Spoelstra said. “I didn’t have to say almost anything.”

However, after the heat rose 20 in the fourth early stage, the Celtics entered within 96-86 and then forced a heat timeout with 8:11 remaining.

The Strass 3 pointer pushed the heat to a 112-99 lead at 3:09, and the Pion Pritchard’s 3 pointer pulled the Celtics within 114-107, ending at 1:28, but in the end. Was too late.

“Is it like it took us so long?” The power forward PJ Tucker said he would finally get rid of it. “That’s what we have to understand.”

2. Attack mode: There was little confusion at the 3-point line on this Butler line.

It was in attack mode from the beginning, at some point trying 12 of the 15 first free throws of the heat and closing 17 out of 18 from the line.

Butler personally outperformed the Celtics 17-14 in the third quarter.

“Jimmy really inspired everyone in that third quarter,” Spoelstra said.

He closed 12 out of 19 from the field and added 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and 3 block shots.

In the process, he passed Udonis Haslem in 6th place on the heat playoff scorelist.

“I’m glad everyone was around,” Butler said.

As soon as that was over, former heatguard Dwyane Wade posted on Butler’s Twitter account. It’s fun to see. “

3. Instinct returns: For months, Spoelstra has praised Vincent’s willingness and ability to move from a smaller scoring guard to an aspiring playmaker.

But as the second quarter of Tuesday night showed, instinct remains when he scores 10 points, including a 3-point pair.

“I think the biggest part of his growth is just winning,” Spoelstra said.

Vincent’s shock was just the spark he needed, after the heat made 14 miserable 4s with 3 pointers in the first half.

“We needed sparks, some shooting in the second half,” Spoelstra said, “and he was able to provide it.”

His 17 points were the height of the career playoffs.

“Half later, I just wanted to be more aggressive,” he said.

4. Hero ball: It wasn’t at the level of 37 points of effort in Game 5 of the 2020 Eastern Final with the Celtics, but the only reason for the consistent heat offense in the first half of Butler’s break was the hero of the early extended stretch. was.

At one point, the hero had a maximum of 13 shots, but he needed creatively for what started by squeezing the Celtics’ defense when his teammates didn’t exceed 6 shots.

He stood at 15 points in half time.

He added eight rebounds.

5. Sudden depth: The Celtics must immediately look to their depths when Horford joins the NBA’s health and safety protocol and it’s announced before the match that Smart has played with a sprained midfoot. It was.

This made Grant Williams and Derrick White the starting members of Boston.

The protocol usually allowed Horford to play for a week, but Celtics coach Ime Udoka wasn’t very sure.

“He’s fine, and we’ll go from there and wait to see the results, tests and future tests,” Udoka said. “There are various protocols and tests that must be passed and we will continue to know, but it is not clear that he will play in two games.”

“It was too painful, still swollen, and the basketball movement was restricted,” Udoka said of Smart, who was injured after defeating Milwaukee Bucks at the Celtics’ home in Round 7.


Heat, Butler makes 118-107 opening statement to Celtics, taking 1-0 lead in East Final – Leading Eagle

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