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Pen Avenue Healthy Ride Bike Share Station

Healthy Ride, a non-profit bicycle-sharing organization in Pittsburgh, Has been successful for many years The number of passengers is increasing and it is expanding to various urban suburbs. And in 2022, even bigger changes will occur, perhaps with the addition of electrically power assisted bicycles, also known as e-bikes, to the fleet. But first, Healthy Ride removes some stations to prepare for these changes.

According to December 8th Blog post, Healthy Ride started deleting stations and kiosks last week and will continue to delete until 50 selected stations are deleted. Even after the removal is complete, the agency will have more than 50 stations throughout Pittsburgh.

“We need to remove the station from the network to make room for things to come,” I read a blog post. “We know that this removal cannot be achieved without impact on our customers, but it is essential. Our goal is to consistently expand each year, bring more stations back to the neighborhood and create a new community. To connect to Pittsburgh’s bike-sharing network. ”

The 50 deleted stations will be closed in 2022. HealthyRide has stated that it will replace all fleets with new bikes in 2022, and organizations are taking this opportunity to help distributors find new homes for old bikes.

It’s not entirely clear what the new plans for Healthy Ride 2022 are, but the signs indicate the introduction of electric bikes to the fleet.

Healthy Ride wants to introduce electric bikes to its fleet since at least 2019. And David White, director of Healthy Ride, said: WESA The goal for May is to replace about 325 regular bicycles with electric bicycles. March of this year Healthy Ride Announcement Heinz Endowment has given the agency $ 750,000 “to assist in the transition to power-assisted bicycles.”

Electric bicycles are becoming more popular. It works like a regular bike, except that a small electric motor provides additional boost to the pedestrian. This makes it easier for some riders to reach 20 mph or climb hills on level ground.

Click to enlarge Map of Healthy Ride Station to be removed in 2022-Image: Courtesy of Healthy Ride

Image: Provided by Healthy Ride

Map of Healthy Ride Stations to be removed in 2022

Removals are concentrated in downtown and Auckland, but there are several stations in each area. According to the blog post, all stations will be removed in Uptown and Squalel Hill. It’s unclear when they will be replaced, but Healthy Ride will announce the agency’s plans in February 2022.

The complete list of stations to remove is listed by neighborhood below.


  • 42nd Street & Pen Avenue


  • 12th Avenue and Penn Avenue
  • 11th Avenue and Penn Avenue
  • Nine Street & Pen Avenue
  • Grant Street and Strawberry Way
  • Ross Street & Six Avenue
  • Ross Street & Force Avenue
  • Third Avenue and Stanwix Street
  • Wood Street & Six Avenue
  • Smithfield Street and Force Avenue
  • First Avenue & Smithfield Street

East Liberty

  • East Liberty Boulevard & Negli Avenue


  • Penn Avenue and South Atlantic Avenue
  • North Wine Biddle Street and Penn Avenue


  • Loop Avenue & Friendship Avenue


  • Ecruway and Bennett Street
  • Hamilton Avenue and North Dallas Avenue


  • Hamilton Avenue and Zodiac Way
  • Frankstown Avenue and East Liberty Boulevard
  • East Liberty Boulevard & Larimer Avenue


  • Butler Street and Stanton Avenue
  • Butler Street & 48th Street
  • Penn Avenue & 39th Street
  • Liberty Avenue & 37th Street

North side

  • Arch Street and Jacksonia Street
  • West General Robinson Street


  • North Craig Street and Fifth Avenue
  • Fifth Avenue & South Disridge Street
  • Neeson Avenue & Fifth Avenue
  • Forbes Avenue and South Craig Street
  • Semple Street and Louisa Street
  • Ohara & Desoto


  • Shady Avenue and Ellsworth Avenue
  • Walnut Street & College Street

Squalel Hill

  • Forbes Avenue and Murray Avenue
  • Wightman Street and Forbes Avenue
  • Shenley Drive & Forbes Avenue
  • Beacon Street and Murray Avenue
  • Hobart Street and Wightman Street

Strip district

  • Smallman Street and 31st Street
  • 24th Street and Smallman Street
  • 14th Avenue and Penn Avenue
  • Pen & 29th


  • PPG Paints Arena
  • Fifth Avenue & Miltemburger Street
  • Stephenson Street & Forbes Avenue
  • Macanalty Drive & Forbes Avenue

South side

  • S 25th St & E Carson St,
  • S 22nd St & E Carson St

Highland Park

  • Stanton Avenue and North Negli Avenue

Healthy Ride will temporarily remove bike sharing station prior to 2022 change | News | Pittsburgh

Source link Healthy Ride will temporarily remove bike sharing station prior to 2022 change | News | Pittsburgh

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