Hazleton’s 18201 zip code posts 916 new COVID-19 cases in a week

Over 5,500 new cases of COVID-19 were seen throughout Luzerne County, with 18201 Hazleton ZIP Codes accounting for the largest part of the increase, reporting 916 positive test results from January 7 to Friday. Did. This was the highest number of cases in all or part of the 41 codes in Luzerne County tracked by the Times Leader.

The second highest number of cases was reported in the Wilkes-Barre code of 18702, 714, and the third highest was the Kingston code, 18704, but in 447, less than half of the cases reported in the Hazleton code. .. These three codes have been regularly at or near the top of the list since the state began releasing zip code data.

Thirteen codes reported more than 100 cases, but only three of the remaining codes were less than ten.

Data anomalies have been seen in this week’s numbers, with 34 of the 41 codes reporting a decrease in the number of “not cases” or negative tests. With the three codes, the number of negative cases has been reduced by more than 100. A State Department spokesperson explained that this is likely due to people who have been tested multiple times, as the data is only counted for the specific date it was compiled and the categories can be switched. If done.

“When we report the results of negative and positive cases, they represent the status of the individual to date. Therefore, an individual is accounted for only once. A person is always negative. If tested to be, they are included as “negative”. However, if the test is positive, it will be counted as a case, not as a “negative”, even if it was previously negative.

“As more people have been tested multiple times, it has become much more useless to track people who have never been tested positive.”

Times leaders tracked both positive and negative numbers in most weeks, but only new positive numbers are posted on the weekly charts and reported in the accompanying story.

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Hazleton’s 18201 zip code posts 916 new COVID-19 cases in a week

Source link Hazleton’s 18201 zip code posts 916 new COVID-19 cases in a week

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