Hazardous Materials Expert Silverio Caggiano Discusses the Dangers of Vinyl Chloride

East Palestine, Ohio (WKBN) — four vehicles involved in the incident East Palestine railway derailment I was carrying a chemical called vinyl chloride. It is a very dangerous chemical if ingested or inhaled.

Official tells First News about PVC not burningOne of the cars is slowly leaking pressure. This is designed to prevent explosions. However, as other First News articles detailed in previous articles, the situation remains precarious.

First News spoke with hazardous materials expert Silverio Caggiano – who served as battalion commander at the Youngstown fire for 39 years – and he breaks down the dangers of vinyl chloride.

“Vinyl chloride is what was used to make PVC pipe,” says Caggiano. “We use this to make a casing that is on the outside of the wire. It has many uses.”

Cagiano, who has worked as a hazardous materials expert for nearly 40 years, says exposure to vinyl chloride is extremely dangerous, as are the by-product chemicals released when it is burned.

“Vinyl chloride itself is carcinogenic. says Mr.

He says anyone with pre-existing lung or breathing problems is at greater risk.

“If you have asthma, emphysema or COPD, stay home and keep your evacuation distance,” Caggiano said. is.”

He suggests staying indoors away from the chemicals if possible, away from the train site if the vinyl chloride catches fire.

“They can kill you because they can damage your respiratory system, because most of the damage from this will be from inhalation. said.

Again, First News wants you to remember that officials say vinyl chloride isn’t currently burning. This story is meant to alert you if things change. Twenty vehicles carrying dangerous goods were derailed, including four with PVC. So far, authorities have not told us what was in those containers.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/east-palestine-train-derailment/vinyl-chloride-how-dangerous-is-it/ Hazardous Materials Expert Silverio Caggiano Discusses the Dangers of Vinyl Chloride

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