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When Haywood Highsmith reported on his summer league mission with the Miami Heat in San Francisco last week, there was no guarantee. I have an investment now.

Due to the team’s lack of movement by the Friday deadline, Highsmith received a $ 50,000 guarantee for a $ 1.8 million salary in 2022-23.

Added by Heat during the team’s COVID breakout in December and brought back for the balance of the February season, Highsmith is on the list of summer league teams in San Francisco and Las Vegas this month.

His next guarantee date is the first night of the regular season, with an additional $ 400,000 of his salary guaranteed.

He has previously spent time with the Philadelphia 76ers and its G-League affiliate Highsmith (6ft 6), but has been tested as a small power forward.

For now, he’s working towards the location of the roster while coaching young players on the team’s summer roster, leaving himself to the financial side.

“Honestly, I didn’t draw much circles at the time,” said a 25-year-old who wasn’t drafted by Division II Wheeling (West Virginia) University. “I’m just working. I don’t worry about that type of thing.

“As long as I’m at work, I’m working, showing what I can do, and doing what I can control, it will work. So I sit here and say,” Oh, oh. After this date, it’s a warranty date. ” I will continue to work. “

Highsmith and Omeryurt Seven, who will be attending the heat in the Las Vegas portion of the July schedule, are the only veterans on the heat’s summer roster.

Highsmith was included in the starting lineup for the heat of Saturday’s summer league opener at the California Classic against the Los Angeles Lakers at Chase Center. -Agent Center Orlando Robinson.


As soon as Cody Martin signed a four-year $ 32 million free agent deal with Charlotte Hornets, his twin brother Caleb Martin of Heatforward posted a dollar sign pictogram as a congratulatory Saturday. did.

Caleb Martin will continue to be a restricted free agent after Heat extends its $ 2.1 million eligible offer in 2022-23, matching external offers with mid-level exceptions of up to $ 10.3 million. I can.

Based on Heat’s preference to avoid the NBA’s hard cap, Heat is most likely to go with Martin to mid-level $ 6.5 million taxpayers with a three-year $ 20.4 million contract. Will be the maximum.

Caleb Martin emphasized that it was his preference to stay in the heat after the season. Heat upgraded him from a two-way contract to a standard contract this past season.

Caleb Martin will win Bird Rite in the heat if he remains on the team next season.

One suggestion

In a recent trade request from Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant’s priority landing sites include Heat and Phoenix Suns, and former Memphis Grizzlies executive John Holinger said. Works for athletics..

“How about where Miami ships? [Bam] Adebayo, Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro, Two Unprotected Firsts (2023 and 2028) and Three Pick Pick Swaps (2024, 2027, 2029) Durant, [Ben] Simmons and Seth Curry? Provided by Holinger.

He continued. “It still seems tricky. Heat may argue that it doesn’t need to include so many draft equity, and we’re definitely looking for scenarios that wouldn’t include Adebayo at all. These scenarios are basic. It could be the ender of the conversation because it doesn’t exist, otherwise Simmons became the man Heat had to rely on — yikes — and they didn’t have a center. But they will have Kevin Durant. “


Haywood Highsmith begins to win his keep for the summer heat – Reading Eagle

Source link Haywood Highsmith begins to win his keep for the summer heat – Reading Eagle

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