Hawks wins in Kutztown and begins PSAC play | Sports

Kutztown — IUP coach Joe Lombardi explains why Seandale Jones got off to such an explosive start to the season.

Jones scored 29 points, with Crimson Hawks winning 86-73 in the opening round of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference at Keystone Arena on Friday night, scoring 21 points when leaving Kutztown. bottom.

“The ball only finds Seandale,” Lombardi said. “And he finds a bucket. It’s a kind of peculiar phenomenon. There has never been a player who keeps finding the ball. He has great body control.”

IUP, ranked 7th in the NCAA Division II, improved to 6-0, a double-digit difference over Jones and the other three starters. Armoni Foster achieved a triple-double on IUP’s last expedition, scoring 18 points and 10 rebounds in double-double. Tommy Demogerontas scored 16 points and Ethan Porterfield finished at 13.

Jones, who scored 37 points against Bowie State University earlier this season, raised the conference-leading average score to 26.2 points per game.

The IUP shot 49.3% from the field, struggling from a 3-point range, and only tried 6 out of 26 attempts. The Hawks went 16-14 from the free throw line.

“They understand each other by making them available, and there are many good paths to layups, and tonight I’m having a hard time making them to get a closer look at the 3 pointers. increase.”

IUP led 5 points 39-34 in half-time, surpassing Golden Bears 47-39 in the second half. Hawks, who suffered a turnover again in the first half, became a team in the second half earlier this season.

“I hope to find a way in the second half, tying or within 5 in half-time in every match,” Lombardi said. “The other teams gave us the best shots and sometimes played overhead and it leveled off. We played faster in the second half. We really had some bad passes for the turnover. Had, and that’s what happens when a guy speeds up. Not everyone is always comfortable every time he goes to court. “

There were seven lead changes in the first half, and IUP took the lead 35-33 with 3 points from Demogerontas at 1:25. Jones scored with a buzzer and set a half-time score.

IUP started the second half with a 12-point lead, scoring the first 7 points. The Hawks continued to lead 16 points and never pulled Kutztown more than 8 points.

Kutztown shot 38.5 percent (65 to 25), including 16 to 4 from a 3-point range. It is the fifth time in six games that IUP has held an opponent with less than 40% of the shots. Mo Williams led the Bears with 18 points, Michael Smith III got 15 from the bench and Evan Eric Longino finished at 14.

“The important thing is to find a way to win,” Lombardi said. “And I want to grow in every experience we experience …. every game I want will be better and a team that can grow.”

IUP will play in Westchester (5-1) on Saturday night. Westchester suffered its first defeat in Pit Johnstown 78-70 on Friday.

“I’m looking forward to Westchester,” said Lombardi. “It’s exciting. Win or lose, we strive to be better. We told everyone we wanted to find a way to win and grow. Growth is everything now. Some of them develop habits. And some of them are just learning how to overcome adversity, disappointment and failure, so that you will be the best version of yourself, the best version of your teammates, and the best version of your team. I have a chance. “

Hawks wins in Kutztown and begins PSAC play | Sports

Source link Hawks wins in Kutztown and begins PSAC play | Sports

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