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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Hawkeye, Season 1, Episode 3, “Echoes.”]

‘It’s a season of some great Marvel action sequences, and Disney +‘NS Hawkeye I also supervise the duo, so I certainly deliver the products Bart & Bertie..

They brought some of the show’s best action sequences to life in the third “Echoes” of the season.Jeremy Renner) And Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) Being captured by the Tracksuit Mafia under Maya Lopez, so detained (Arakua Cox) Direction, with an abandoned KB toy.

Katie Ellwood (Bertie) and Amber Templemore-Finlayson (Bert) (Credit: Theo Wargo / Getty Images for Disney)

“It was a department store that was no longer in use,” Bertie explains. “We always wanted to put it in abandoned toys and department stores.” The use of KB Toys was on the now obsolete chain of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige himself. I was in favor of love. “Kevin had a big connection with KB Toys when he was a kid and said,” This is the perfect reason they went out of business. ” He was the one who pushed it in that direction, and they got in and loved the idea. “

The excitement continues with a car chase sequence and a bridge showdown while the action begins as Clint and Kate try to escape the prisoner’s clutch. Despite the fast pace of all these sequences, Bert & Bertie sees them as separate chapters in a way, making it easier to digest moments when behind the camera.

“It starts with something overwhelming and exciting, but when you get into it, it’s scene-by-scene,” says Bart. “Action is part of the show and the universe, and she takes on a great stunt team led by the most amazing talent, Heidi Moneymaker. [scenes like] Just like a choreographer dances. You kill everything, so by the time you set it up, you can enjoy it. “

Hawkeye Season 1 Hailee Steinfeld

(Credit: Disney + / © Marvel Studios)

The battles taking place within KB Toys are thrilling in their own right, but when Kate and Clint hit the road in a runaway car, the camera spins in the backseat so viewers can fully see subsequent tracking. When it becomes, the pace becomes faster. “That’s what was actually done,” says Bart. “All rotating cameras are practical. That’s very exciting.”

She acknowledged that it was also a “big challenge” and said that particular sequence “must be an honor” in order to capture the sensations they are trying to create. “So there was a rig, there was dialogue, everything timed out, and I think it excited everyone because it’s a kind of old school,” Bart continues.

The duo wanted to thank cinematographer James Whitaker for helping us test the rig for the look they were looking for. “There were a lot of rigs I tested and some were a bit more mechanical than the other rigs,” Bertie said, revealing that smoother camerawork wasn’t what car chase was looking for. “We were actually doing this, so we wanted this incredible rig with these bungee cords. It was smooth, but the vibrations of the car gave us this kind of action.”

Hawkeye Season 1 Arakua Cox, Fluffy, Hailee Steinfeld, Jeremy Renner

(Credit: Chuck Zlotnick / © Marvel Studios)

Coincidentally, the director actually tried to complete the scene. Believe it or not at first, there was something else when Hailee Steinfeld was actually hanging from the car window. “As much as possible, we actually did it on the street,” says Bart.

The director also honors the performers who have brought their unique skills to the series and episodes hosted by Bert & Bertie. For Haley, it was all about taking action and fighting right. Bert reminded us that the actress is “very physically capable” and “bad guy.” The more scenes that are shot, the more likely the actress will be stunt. “She trained really hard to get there.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy is good at playing Hawkeye, so Bart & Bertie understood Clint’s approach to habits and praised the actor’s ability to improvise in the best possible way. “He just brought a comedy,” Bart muses. She and Bertie remember the KB Toys ball pit scene. According to them, Jeremy came up with the idea of ​​sneaking up on a member of the tracksuit mafia when he came out of the pit. “It was great. That’s his amazing thing,” Bart continues. “He made it so good.”

Don’t miss more wonderful moments and actions Hawkeye Continue streaming with Disney +. And note the exciting rendition of Bert & Bertie in episodes 4 and 5.

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“Hawkeye” director Bart & Bertie analyzes episode 3’s “exciting” action sequence | Entertainment News

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