Have you become a heat bum or bust against the Celtics? – Reading Eagle

Q: Ira, at least Jimmy Butler shot the ball. Idris Adebayo stood there like a mannequin. This is a playoff series, not a game. Robert Williams is back and Bam is gone. – Matty.

A: But it’s also part of the playoff rhythm and you can’t win twice with the same player, the same playcall, or the same game plan. We always see it in the playoffs, great games, and defensive retaliation. But you also see the best of the best pushes beyond that and find a way to back it up. Idris Adebayo isn’t there yet, but it’s not as versatile as turning to Plan B. At this stage of his career, it’s basically Plan A, and that’s it. However, with this heat team composition method, if Bam can make a difference in one win, he needs enough reserves to handle the other three he needs. This may no longer be the case in this series, as Jimmy Butler was pulled, Kyle Lowry slowed down, and Tyler Hero was on the sidelines. Bam did his job in Game 3. For the other two required wins, you’ll probably have to be someone else. Or perhaps this is when Bam creates a decisive moment of the type that takes him to another level.

Q: If Ira, Tyler Herro’s groin tension stops here, where is he standing in his stretches? -maximum

A: It’s interesting how the same question arises from so many directions on so many consecutive days when the player is in the middle of a struggle. We basically stood for weeks, but Tyler Herro realizes that the sixth regular season is dominant and was previously successful in the 2020 playoffs, this time. I have to show how he deals with being the focus of the opposite game plan. Therefore, if he asks if he deserves the maximum extension, it probably comes down to where the market stands and the risk that the heat will expose him to free agents after 2022-23. A compromise can be something in between, an extension that includes incentives for both individual and team success. Of course, Tyler, and more precisely his agent, demands a maximum. Then the actual work begins. Yes, Bam Adebayo got him when he chewed the extension apple. But is Tyler Herro at Bam’s level?

Q: Should Erik Spoelstra start Duncan if he wants productive time from both Duncan Robinson and Max Strus? It’s easier to hide Duncan in defense than to line up with slow-moving Dewayne Dedmon and Tyler Herro (when he’s healthy) among Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry, PJ Tucker, and Bam Adsebayo. It seems. – Camden, Coral Springs.

A: Apart from that, Duncan Robinson opposes the talent of the beginner level wing. So, for example, against the Celtics, do you rather have Duncan on Aaron Nesmith or Jaylen Brown? And to your bigger point, I don’t want to find a way for Erik Spoelstra to get a productive share from both Duncan and Max Strus. He wants to get the best possible two-way result from one of the two, which is Max these days.


Have you become a heat bum or bust against the Celtics? – Reading Eagle

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