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It may be the best time of the year … become a soap opera fan! Christmas episodes have always brought drama to daytime television, and now Uletide soap is coming to streaming.

As previously reported Days of our lives: Very Salem Christmas teeth Coming to Peacock on December 16th.. In that television movie, Will Houghton (Chandler Massey) Write a script under the Christmas Eve deadline to inspire Salem’s friends and family.

Have a memorable holiday moment while bidding for the time until December 16th All My Children, general Hospital, Guide light, When Young and restless Here it is. Call it the Ghost of Christmas Past …

Tad “dies” All My Children (1990)


On the wedding day with Dixie Cooney (Cady McClain), Tad Martin (Michael E. Knight) At the railroad bridge, confront Billy Clyde Tagle (Matthew Cowles), who is obsessed with Tad’s bride. Unfortunately for the two, Billy has a bomb, which explodes during the brawl. Billy dies as a result of the blast (until resurrection) All My Children(Online series) And it is estimated that Tad also died … until he returned to Pine Valley due to memory loss.

Blake gives birth in the cabin Guide light (1999)

Blake Marler (Elizabeth Skifer) faces a childbirth solo in Edbauer’s cabin in this Christmas episode, but in the 11th hour, Ross Marler (Jerry Byrd) expects her to have her baby. I just learned that, but I’m arriving to help give birth to a small child. “The universe keeps throwing us together,” Ross tells Blake. “Merry Christmas, dear.”

Bianca wakes up from a coma AMC (2004)

Fall from balcony during discussion with JR Chandler (Jacob Young) Puts Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel) into a coma, but her mother Erica Kane (Susan LucciBianca miraculously regains consciousness when she moves her baby Miranda away from JR and reunites her newborn and mother at the hospital.

Michael Baldwin It’s a wonderful life treatment of Young and restless (2008)

Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) Learn what life would be like without him In one Christmas-themed episode, Victor (Eric Braeden) Gloria facing a serious time in prison (Judith Chapman) Suffering from reputational decline, and Kevin (Greg Rica Art) Suffering from a mental health facility.

Nikki meets a guardian angel Y & R (2011)

The same soap pulled a similar stunt three years later. This time Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) See how important she is to Genoa City.. After a car accident on his way to his daughter’s wedding, Nikki meets a guardian angel who gives her a new lease of life. “Why did I come tonight if your life wasn’t worth living?” Says the angel. “You called yourself” nothing “, but you are everything, and everything to those who love you. “

Krampus is coming general Hospital (2014)

The hospital holiday tradition is Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) Tell the children about Christmas. Cut to: Risel, dressed as Krampus, tells a frightened audience about a legendary character who devours ill-mannered children. “It’s a great holiday story!” She shouts to her complaining parents.

The Abbott family sings Y & R (2019)

Props to the actress Beth Maitland Her sick mother, Dyna Margeron, for singing the “O Come, All Ye Faithful” a cappella before Tracy Abbott’s family chimes.Marla Adams) — At this moving moment.

Have a Little Soap Christmas: Seven Memorable Holidays from Daytime Dramas | Entertainment News

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