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TOWAMENCIN — Hatboro Hosham’s fourth-quarter thrust brought victory on a cold and rough opening day on the grass in northern Pennsylvania.

“We got hot,” said Alex Serminara of the Hatters for the last 12 minutes. “When we get hot, we turn on. We never go back from there.”

The Mad Hatters defeated what was a pre- and post-contest throughout the windy afternoon, postponing the North Pen Rally in the last few minutes and winning a 9-8 victory in the Suburban One League non-division game at NP. I did.

Alex Serminara scored five goals to lead Hatboro Hosham across the North Pen on Friday, March 25, 2022. Keb Hunter, Media News.

“It feels really good. Everything I did during the off-season was really rewarding,” Cerminara said of the opener. “Everyone did what they needed and we did it.”

In a match between two teams trying to take the next step, both were slightly below .500 a season ago, and the Hatters scored five goals from Selminara and one from several others in Season 1-. 0 started.

“I feel good back and I’m excited about Hatboro Hosham this year,” says Selminara.

Hatboro Hosham flock after defeating North Penn on Friday, March 25, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

The two teams were drawn 2-2 after a quarter and deadlocked four by four at the break. After that, the Hatters led 7-6 and grew to 9-6 fourth.

The Knights, led by Caleb Moister’s hat-trick, reached within 9-8, but the Hatters controlled the ball in a minute and never lost it.

Hatboro’s attack scored five goals in the second half. Min Lee, Sam Fink, David Benjamin and Jayden Mariano all scored and contributed to the flow of the attack.

Selminara said: “We are working on it and it is visible in the field.”

The Knights scored two goals each from Jake Doran and Connor Tusan, and performed great in a showdown by freshman Luigi Cardon.

Hatboro Hosham and North Pen will scramble for a loose ball during the match on Friday, March 25, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

“It was a fun game. A lacrosse game is all about momentum, and in a game like this, it’s the difference between a ground ball,” said Knights coach Rick Smith. “Anyone who had the ball at the end of the game won the game.

“I think there’s a lot we can build. There’s a lot we can do defensively. We’ll have a tough Owen J. Roberts team on Wednesday. We’ll be back in practice and we’re going to get better. Watch the movie and improve as a team. “

North Pen will flock after the match against Friday, March 25, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

North Penn is at OJR on Wednesday at 3:45 and Mad Hatters will host Interboro on Tuesday at 3:30.

Hatboro Hosham 9, North Pen 8

Hatboro Hosham 223 2 – 9

North Pen 222 2 – 8

HH Goal-Assist: Alex Cerminara 5-0; Minley 1-0; Samfink 1-1; David Benjamin 1-1; Jayden Mariano 1-0.

NP Goal-Assist: Caleb Moister 3-0; Jake Doran 2-1; Connor Toussaint 2-0; Lars Homan 1-1; Kaiden Myers 0-1.

Hatboro Hosham Blocks Northern Pennsylvania – thereporteronline

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