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London (AP) — Britain and its royal family absorbed the tremors on Monday from a sensational television interview with Prince Harry and Prince Megan. There, he said the couple encountered a racist attitude and lack of support, driving the Duchess to the idea of ​​suicide.

In an interview by Oprah Winfrey that exposes the soul for two hoursThe couple painted a very unpleasant picture of life in the royal family, a cold, uncaring facility where they had to flee to save their lives.

Megan told Winfrey at some point, “I didn’t want to live anymore.” She sought help through the palace’s HR department, but said she was told there was nothing she could do.

Megan, 39, admitted that he was naive when his relationship with Harry began and was not ready for the constraints of royal life.

A former interracial television star said when she became pregnant with her son Archie, “there were concerns and conversations about how dark his skin was when he was born.”

Harry confirmed the conversation and said, “I was a little shocked.” Winfrey said he was neither his grandparents Queen Elizabeth II nor her husband Prince Phillip, but said he would not reveal who commented.

Prince Harry and Prince Megan, known as Duchess of Sussex, moved to North America last year after announcing their quitting royal duties due to the intolerable invasion and racist attitude of the British media. The split became official this year and interviews were widely seen as their first opportunity to explain their decisions.

In a clip released on Monday that didn’t air the night before, Harry reiterated that racism was “most” of the reason the couple left Britain — and he was a “toxic” British tabloid. I blamed the paper.

“Britain is open-minded,” he said. “The British press, especially the tabloids, is exaggerated.”

The meaning of the interview, which airs on Sunday night in the United States and airs in the United Kingdom on Monday night, is just beginning to be understood. Hello! The Royal Editor of Emily Nash magazine said the revelation left her and many other viewers with a “shell shock.”

“I don’t know how the palace can ignore these claims. They are incredibly serious,” she said. “You have a racist claim, then you also have a claim that Megan was not supported, and she sought help even from the domestic HR team, and she Was told he couldn’t ask for help. “

The anti-monarchical group republic said the interview gave a clearer picture of what the royal family looks like — and it’s not pretty.

“This rotten institution needs to go, whether for Britain or for young royalty,” said campaign group Graham Smith.

Born as a prince, Harry explained how his wife’s experience helped him and his other family members find themselves stuck in a repressive facility.

“I was trapped, but I didn’t know I was trapped,” Harry said. “My father and my brother, they are trapped.”

Megan said, “I saved me.”

Young royalty, including Harry, Megan, Harry’s brother Prince William, and William’s wife Catherine, have made mental health support and awareness campaigns one of their priorities. However, Harry said it was completely impossible for the royal family to provide its support to its members.

“For the family, they have this very spirit.” This is exactly that, this is the way it is intended, and you cannot change it. We all experience it. I’ve done it, “Harry said.

The couple faced severe criticism in Britain before the interview. Prince Philip, 99, has been admitted to a hospital in London after recovering from heart surgery, and critics move forward despite CBS deciding when to broadcast instead of Prince Harry and Prince Megan. I thought that the decision was the burden of the Queen.

In the United States, after the interview, sympathy for the couple arose. The UK may be less tolerant, as some see it as prioritizing personal well-being over public affairs.

A friend of mine, tennis star Serena Williams, who attended the wedding of Prince Harry and Prince Megan, said on Twitter that the Duchess’ words “indicate the pain and cruelty she experienced.”

“Systemic repression and its effects on the mental health of victims are devastating, isolated and often fatal,” Williams added.

Megan, then known as Megan Markle, who starred in the American television legal drama “Suit,” married Harry in May 2018 at Windsor Castle.

But still it didn’t look like it. In an interview, the couple revealed that they had made an oath in front of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby three days before the grand wedding at the castle.

Archie was born the following year, and at a rare positive moment in the interview, the couple revealed that their second child, scheduled for the summer, would be a girl.

Harry said he lived in fear of the repeated fate of his deceased mother, Princess Diana, who was constantly reported in a car accident in Paris in 1997 while being chased by paparazzi.

“What I’ve seen is that history repeats itself, but it’s definitely much more dangerous, because it adds race and social media,” Harry said.

Both Megan and Harry praised the support they received from the monarch.

“The Queen has always been great to me,” Megan said.

However, Harry revealed that he now has a bad relationship with William, saying that his relationship with his father has deteriorated so much that Prince Charles stopped answering the phone.

“There are many things to get over,” Harry said of his relationship with his father. “I was really disappointed. He has experienced something similar. He knows what the pain is like. And Archie is his grandson. I always love him, but a lot. There are scratches. “

Interview clips are shared online and the UK press covers key points, but many in the UK will not be able to see the full interview until Monday night. Many will want to know how the palace works on this story. The palace is not available for interviews.

The royal family had previously known the scandal — over Prince Andrew’s friendship with the recently convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. As a result, Harry’s uncle Andrew was removed from the royal obligations.

When asked in London, “I’m very sad to the Queen,” said 76-year-old Earnestly. “I think she has a lot of problems right now. One of her sons (Andrew) and a scandal, and now her grandson is bust up away from the royal family …. People make more There are enough problems in this world. “


If you or someone you know has suicidal ideation, you can ask the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for help at 1-800-273-8255. British Samaritans can reach 116123.

Harry reveals, Megan’s interview resonates throughout Britain | Entertainment

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