Hamburg’s Lewis passed Kutztown in high school soccer

Hamburg’s Diony Lewis ran 212 yards and four touchdowns to beat Hawks 47-34 in the Burks Soccer League Section 2 match in Kutztown on Friday.

Pierce Mason had 143 rushyards and 3 touchdowns for Hamburg (1-1, 5-1).

Cougars (0-3, 2-4) dominated in the first half. Kutztown, led by junior quarterback Jacob Rafati running the option, was able to make an opening drive from 20 yards to Hamburg’s 10-yard line. The cougar converted three times on the fourth down of the drive and picked up the five first downs.

Then, in the first play of the second quarter, Rafati completed the first pass of the game for a touchdown, connecting with freshman Dakota Thomas. Lafferty transforms the 2-point conversion when the option is run, making it 8-0 at 11:55 in the first half.

After a failed cougar onside kick attempt, Hamburg started in Kutztown 45 and didn’t waste time connecting it.

Quarterback Xander Menapace failed the snap on the first down, but recovered quickly due to a one-yard loss. In the second down, senior Lewis found a hole on the left and ran 46 yards untouched for a touchdown. Senior Nick Hicks made extra points.

Kutztown marched down the field again on the next drive. With about 5 minutes remaining, Lennon Neyman did it from 6 yards on the first touchdown of the night. The two-point conversion that was missed gave Kutztown a 14-7 lead.

A crowded crowd in Kutztown exploded when cougar regained Thomas’ onside kick in the next play and freshman Tristan Jones Rama fell to the ball around 50.

Shortly thereafter, Rafferty was intercepted by Cameron Harris. As with his first possession, the Hawks quickly scored when Lewis ran 73 yards for the TD and broke several tackles along the way.Hicks missed additional points now 14-13

With 2:05 left in the first half, Niemann regained excitement from the home spectators, taking a Hamburg kick-off from his 20s, finding a lane and returning the ball 80 to the score.

Hamburg continued to make the most of the little time left, so it didn’t finish half quietly. Starting at Kutztown 47, the Hawks drove to 35, after which junior running back Mason scored end-around, finishing the first half. Hicks made an extra point to tie it in half 20-20.

The Hawks played only twice to enter the Red Zone in the second half. At 11:16 on the clock, Lewis scored on a 24-yard run.

Kutztown had no answer in the Mason and Lewis tandem. Mason scored a second touchdown at night after running another reverse from 38 with 2:25 remaining in the third quarter, giving the Hawks a 33-20 lead.

Hamburg regained the ball a minute after Rafati fumbled on the 50-yard line, and Mason was able to find the third end zone again in a single play.

With a score of 40-20 at the start of the fourth, Kutztown was able to put together a successful drive and converted twice on the fourth down. The drive was limited by a 3-yard touchdown performed by Niemann. He also caught a 2-point conversion.

As time went down, Lewis recorded his fourth rush touchdown of the night from Kutztown 13 with a score of 47-28.

Niemann’s late 46-yard touchdown at 1:10 finished scoring 47-34.

Niemann ran 102 yards and recorded four touchdowns in Kutztown. Thomas had a rush yard of 93 yards and a receiving yard of 10 yards, and Rafferty rushed 83 yards.

Hamburg’s Lewis passed Kutztown in high school soccer

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