Hamburg gathers to defeat Fleetwood in District 3 Class 4A Softball Semifinals

Kylah Reading did not have the best match in the District 3 Class 4A Softball Semifinals on Tuesday.

Hamburg’s sophomore lost the flyball in the sun, visited Fleetwood in the fifth inning to take the lead, then jumped late from third base at the bottom of the inning and was thrown home.

But because the score is at the bottom of the sixth, Reading put it all behind her. She hit a tiebreaker single with three runs and six innings, helping top-seeded Hamburg beat the five-seeded fleetwood 5-3 in Hamburg to reach the championship game for the second year in a row.

“It’s all over,” said Hamburg coach Zena Edwards. “We had to move forward from there. We always tell them to forget it and move forward. They are pretty good at forgetting it and moving on.”

Hawks (18-4) will be the third-seeded Big Spring on Thursday for the Third District Championship at the location and time determined after winning Fleetwood (15-6) for the second time in the season. Face to face. Fleetwood will play Thursday in Middletown at the time determined by the state qualifiers.

The Hawks entered the state tournament for the second year in a row by running a three-run rally for the sixth time and overcoming two runners being thrown onto the plate by fleetwood shortstop Amaristores.

Skyler Schumann began the Hamburg victory rally with the loss of pitcher Caitlin Pitreski in a single, and Erica Garner was hit by the pitch. Shayna Morales moved both runners up with a sacrifice bunt before Jenna Shuman tied it in a single.

Reading, an all-barks selection and all-division pick as a freshman at Barks II this season, has cut off his relationship with the RBI single.

“It didn’t really bother me,” Reading said of her previous struggle. “I just thought I’d get it next time.”

Reading also races into the realm of fouls and ends the game by catching the ball from the top of her shoes when winning pitcher Haley Strunk and her Hamburg teammate celebrate in the infield. did.

Garner led Hamburg 2-0 with two run doubles in the second inning. Fleetwood scored 2-1 in the third inning with Morgan Koehler’s RBI single.

Torres helped Fleetwood stay close when he shot down his runner at the bottom of the third.

Hamburg still led 2-1 in 5th place when Fleetwood’s Katie Stamp and Kylie Klaus hit the one-out single. Emily Miller lofted the flyball to the right and Reading lost in the sun to tie it before Klaus recorded a go-a-head run when Koehler’s infield pop was dropped.

“The sun played a big role in today’s game,” said Reading. “It was hard to see the ball coming to the light field, but we got over it.”

Reading led the single in 5th place, but was later thrown home by Torres as Fleetwood stuck to the 3-2 lead.

But the Hawks put it all together in the sixth place to win.

“There are seven innings for a reason, that’s what I always keep telling them,” Edwards said.

Hamburg gathers to defeat Fleetwood in District 3 Class 4A Softball Semifinals

Source link Hamburg gathers to defeat Fleetwood in District 3 Class 4A Softball Semifinals

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