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Halsey says the theme of their next new album, “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power,” was “amplified” by pregnancy.

26-year-old singer and partner Alev Aydin welcomed her first child, Ender Ridley, to the world in July. The whole experience influenced the song about “Death and Eternal Love”.

Halsey has released a track list on Twitter, “If you can’t have love, you want power,” and it will be released on August 27. One follower said, “Is iichliwp always supposed to be a concept album? Did it change? ” After getting pregnant with Ender (assuming you’ve been working on this before you got pregnant)? “

She replied: “Strangely, it was always about death and eternal love and our place / permanence. It was amplified by my pregnancy. Control and body horror. And introduced a new theme of autonomy and conceit. “

The fourth studio LP of the “Without Me” hit maker was produced by Nine Inch Nails stars Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. It also comes with movies that will be shown at IMAX cinemas around the world for release.

Halsey also admitted that the style of the record resembled his 2015 debut, Badlands.

She tweeted. “It’s very cool to make a non-functional album again. Like Badlands, I felt this had to be entirely from my voice. I can’t wait to hear everything.”

Halsey, who previously explained the concept of “If you can’t have love, you want power,” said, “This album is a concept album about the joy and fear of pregnancy and childbirth. What cover art conveys is very important to me. It was the feeling of my trip in the last few months.

“The dichotomy of Madonna and w ****. The idea that I am a sexual being, my body is a vessel, and a gift to a child is two concepts that can coexist peacefully and powerfully. “

“If I can’t have love, I want power” Track List:

1. Tradition

2. Santa Fe bell

3. Easier than lying down

4. Lilith

5. The girl is a gun

6. You asked for this

7. Darling


9. Honey

10. Whisper

11. I am a god, not a woman

12. Lighthouse

13. Ya’aburnee

Halsey: Pregnancy Amplifies New Album Theme | Music

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