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Haitian police refused to report that the government was involved in the killing | World News

Haiti’s Port-au-Prince — Thursday, Haiti officials strongly opposed reports that current government officials were involved in the killing of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise, calling them “lie.”

Haiti’s head of national police, Leon Charles, denied reports from Colombia-based private television station Caracol News, saying that interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph was the mastermind behind the July 7 killing. Insisted.

“Police have warned that all propaganda is causing diversion,” he said, adding that the government has no evidence to support those claims.

Haitian officials have otherwise released less information about who was behind the killings, suggesting media reports suggesting that current officials have nervous the government. ..

In Colombia, General Jorge Luis Vargas, head of the country’s national police, told reporters that there was no information suggesting that Joseph had played any role in the plot.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said Thursday that he would send the U.S. Marine Corps to strengthen the security of the Haitian embassy, ​​but deploying U.S. forces to stabilize the country was “not on the agenda.” ..

Haiti’s interim government last week called on the United States and the United Nations to deploy troops to protect key infrastructure after the assassination. Biden signaled that he was not open to the demands that came when he was pulling down US troops in Afghanistan this summer.

Haiti’s election minister, Matthias Pierre, told The Associated Press what he called a “vulnerable situation” and the need to create a safe environment for elections scheduled to take place within 120 days. He said he believed the US military’s request was appropriate.

He also said that the word “not on the agenda” leaves the options open.

“This is not a closed door. Progress in the situation will determine the outcome,” Pierre said. “In the meantime, the government is trying to reach political agreements with most political parties, while doing everything it can to stabilize the country, return to its normal environment and organize elections.”

Police chief Charles said Dimitri Heral, who was responsible for Moise’s security details, was removed from his post and placed in isolated detention after authorities cross-examined him. Police recently announced his detention. Charles said he would meet him three times before the authorities decided on the next step.

Heral has not been officially nominated as a suspect in the investigation, but many Haitians have not injured among those assigned to protect him as an attacker breaks into the president’s house. I’m wondering if I could have killed him.

The day after the press conference broadcast a report that the Colombian television station was based on calls, photos and testimony from people accused of participating in the plot, in addition to information from FBI sources and Haitian authorities. It was held.

“I have made a formal denial of these claims,” ​​Charles called them “lie.”

When the assassination took place, the interim prime minister, Joseph, was about to be replaced. Moise nominated him for the post in April, following the resignation of Joseph Juice, who had held the post for over a year.

Two days before the assassination, Moise announced that he had chosen a new prime minister, neurosurgeon Ariel Henri. However, the new prime minister has not yet taken office as of July 7, and Joseph claims he is in charge of the government, which has been acknowledged by the United States and others.

Charles said police had arrested 23 people for the killings. Among them are 18 former Colombian soldiers, 3 Haitians and 2 Haitian Americans. Police also issued seven arrest warrants, searched 10 buildings, conducted 27 cross-examinations, and quarantined four high-ranking police officers, he said.

He added that the investigation benefited from the FBI and foreign help he did not name.

On Thursday, a group of FBI agents gathered at Moise’s private home, a facility under the eyes of a curious spectator while Haitian police officers walked towards the car with a bag of unknown items. I met with other officials going in and out of.

In Haiti, eight FBI agents helped with the investigation, saying Biden administration executives agreed to provide information only if it was not quoted by name because they were not authorized to comment publicly. It was. In addition, officials from the Department of Justice’s Criminal and National Security Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Attorney’s Office in Southern Florida are working with the Haitian National Police.

US law enforcement officers track the origin of the weapons used in the attack, investigate the United States that may be related to the killing, and potential to be raised against anyone involved in the United States. Focuses on investigating accusations.

He added that a US delegation arriving in Haiti on Sunday visited Port-au-Prince airports and ports to discuss additional training and equipment that could be provided to secure its critical infrastructure.

Officials refer to Haiti’s international “malaise,” and U.S. officials say to Haiti factions competing that building a coalition government would be much more helpful in “revitalizing support” in the international community. He said he made it clear.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has issued a statement stating that a small number of Colombian suspects received US military training and education programs while serving in the Colombian military. While waiting for an ongoing review, he said there are no additional details to offer.

The United States has provided substantial support to the Colombian army for years and has trained many of its armies.

On Thursday, Colombian President Ivan Duque told private radio station La FM that only a small percentage of former Colombian soldiers involved in the killing knew it would be a criminal offense. He said others thought they would be fooled and travel for a mission to provide protection.

“When they were there, the information given to them changed,” Duquet added, “they were eventually involved in these unfortunate events.”

Tick ​​reported from Chicago. Associated Press writer Astrid Suarez in Bucaramanga, Colombia. Zeke Miller and Robert Burns of Washington contributed to this report.

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Haitian police refused to report that the government was involved in the killing | World News

Source link Haitian police refused to report that the government was involved in the killing | World News

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