Hairdresser refuses 5k bequest from Dame Diana Rigg | Celebrity

Dame Diana Rigg’s manicurist turned down the £ 5,000 left for her at the will of the “Avengers” star.

A veteran actress who died of cancer at the age of 82 in September 2020 had a manicure and pedicure from Jessica Chu at the Nail Gallery in western London every few weeks since 2001. Despite £ 3m of real estate, a 43-year-old salon manager wanted to bequeath a family of “Game of Thrones” stars.

Jessica told the Daily Mail:

Jessica didn’t know who Diana was until another customer pointed out her famous client.

She states: “She was so generous that she was so grounded that you didn’t know … she was happy with the simple things of life like a cup of coffee.

“Diana was a very knowledgeable woman who treated every girl in the salon like a family and gave her advice on life.

“I am very fortunate to have her as a customer.”

After being diagnosed with cancer in March 2020, Jessica visited Diana and continued to see her every other day until her death.

She states: “When Diana was ill and was hospitalized in March, I was very lucky to want to say goodbye to me. I wanted to be with her, so I stayed with her until the very end of my life. We had the same old chat. What we had in the salon.

“I was very sad when she died. She always told me not to be upset when she was dying.

“I was unaware that Diana left me £ 5,000 because she said she was with her out of love and kindness and didn’t want her anything.”

£ 5,000 will be paid to Diana’s daughter Rachael Stirling and elbow frontman Guy Garvey’s son, 4-year-old Jack Stirling Garvey.

According to legal documents, the actress “About Her Majesty’s Secret Service” left about £ 3 million for her daughter and £ 280,5,000 for other relatives of the charity. This includes £ 50,000 each at Great Ormond Street Hospital and St. Christopher’s Hospice in southeast London. , And Earl’s Court Youth Club for £ 20,000.

The Savoy Hotel Dining Society Other Club, founded by Winston Churchill in 1911, received £ 500 to “serve wine at the next rally after my death and be recognized on the menu but not toasted.” ..

Hairdresser refuses 5k bequest from Dame Diana Rigg | Celebrity

Source link Hairdresser refuses 5k bequest from Dame Diana Rigg | Celebrity

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