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Ben Salem — The defense of Gwinned Mercy Academy squeezed rival Villa Joseph Marie, and Monark won the title of District 1-4A at Ben Salem High School on Saturday night.

GMA’s 41-29 victory has given the monarch to the state playing the best basketball of the season for the fifth consecutive year of district titles.

“You don’t just want to win for yourself. You want to win it for your team and your family-basically this is our family.”

As the game progressed, defenses were strengthened and attacks were drawn from multiple sources, raising the undefeated record to 24-0. This year 19-7 year old villas are also heading to the state.

GMA led 21-15 and entered the third quarter with a bit of déjà vu.

“It was exactly the same score in the (Catholic Academy League) championship against the exact same team,” Griffin said of the monarch’s half-time talk. “So we knew we needed to roll the ball. We had to reorganize, get together and fix what needed to be fixed.”

Gems found few open shots and had little chance of a second chance.

“One of the constant jumps is how our team plays defensively,” said GMA coach Tom Ronnergan, who led the monarch to great success during his tenure. “It really starts with our ability on the defending side, just tightening and controlling the protective glass.

“(Villa) has three great players: (Samantha) White, (Victoria) Negro, and (Curly) Austin. They have some offensive weapons. All in the third quarter. I decided to keep it to 4 points. “

Coach Tom Lonergan will speak with the GMA team in the district final against Villa Joseph Marie on Saturday, February 26, 2022. Media news keb hunter.

By that time, the monarch had a cushion of 30-19 to enter fourth, and given that GMA surrendered more than 40 points only twice this season and more than 30 only five times, it’s It was enough.

Lonergan said: “There was a great defensive team in 2016. This team definitely outperforms them in that they gave up.”

Meanwhile, the GMA offense continued to function well.

Griffin led by 15 points, including three pairs in the first quarter.

“Pass, ball movement-that’s what made me really open to them,” she said.

Sofia Coleman has added 13 to GMA, including three of the most important in the third quarter.

“She was able to step up and hit those big names,” Griffin said. “She’s getting smarter and better throughout the season. She has one of the best jump shots on the team or perhaps the best shot. She’s helping it, and I’m a great player. And I think Bianca has stepped up (it was huge). “

Bianca Coleman laid up in a timely manner, pushing the lead to 11 in 4th place. She and Maddy Newell each chipped in with 5 points.

“We have four players who can give out two-digit numbers at any time,” Lonergan said. “I always felt that the key to our team from an offensive point of view might be that the team could focus on one or two players, but then a third person or A fourth player damages us, and our center is sometimes overlooked. “

It would be Dylan Burke, who laid up quite the opposite to keep the monarch firmly in front. All of these reverse orange drills in practice have been very successful for sophomores.

“It was beautiful. Even for me on the sidelines, it gave me a lift,” Lonergan said. “So we know our team was able to lift the defensive end of the floor.”

Villa Joseph Marie will flock to the district final against GMA on Saturday, February 26, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

Austin and Negro each scored 9 points against the Gems. Four of Villa’s seven losses this year were incurred against GMA.

With a trophy in another district of the incident, the monarch prepares for the state.

“Coaches always say,’Respect everything and don’t be afraid,'” Griffin said. “All teams will be good. You lose and go home, so we have to be really strong.”

Lonergan said: “I told them that this season could end in one of two ways. I said I didn’t want to talk about one-way streets. I would like to talk about how to end with Hershey.”

District 1-4A Final

Gwined Mercy Academy 41, Villa Joseph Marie 29

Villa 78 4 10 – 29

GMA 9 12 9 11 – 41

V: Curly Austin 2 4-4 9, Emma Hagan 1 0-0 3, Mikaela Yoniez 1 1-2 3, Victoria Nigro 3 3-3 9, Samantha White 1 2-25. A total of 810-1129.

G: Maddie Newell 1 2-2 5, Hannah Griffin 3 7-8 15, Bianca Coleman 2 1-3 5, Sofia Coleman 4 4-4 13, Dylan Burke 1 1-23. A total of 1115-1941.

3 pointers: V-Austin, Hagan, White; G-Newell, Griffin 2, Coleman.

Gwinned Mercy wins District 1-4A title for 5 consecutive years – thereporter online

Source link Gwinned Mercy wins District 1-4A title for 5 consecutive years – thereporter online

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