Greyhound passengers stuck in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh (KDKA)-Greyhound bus passengers were stuck waiting to get on the bus from Pittsburgh. Some riders were trapped inside the terminal for hours and even days.

Greyhound told KDKA that the problem was caused by network delays due to cancellations outside New York City.

In return, it affected Pittsburgh and the departing passengers.

A woman traveling from Thursday said she spent hours in several different cities while trying to reach her destination.

She is not the only one sharing these issues.

“Because there are no drivers, all buses will be delayed until notified later,” Robin Manning said. She was about to go to Wisconsin.

“I called Greyhound 1-800. I’m stuck here with other passengers because no one knows. There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, the restaurant is closed, vending You have to live on the plane. “Manning said.

In a statement, Greyhound said, “We can see that the cancellation from New York City caused network delays and affected Pittsburgh. We are working hard to serve our customers and continue our schedule as soon as possible. I’m out. “

One person who claimed to be an employee said that the best thing they could do was book a new ticket with their customers.

Greyhound passengers stuck in Pittsburgh

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