Gregory Porter’s mom changed his life | Celebrity

Gregory Porter’s life was transformed by the advice of his dying mother.

A 50-year-old singer revealed that her mother, Ruth, was urged to be more “dangerous” two days before she died of cancer.

He recalled: “When my mother got sick, I was trying to assure her that she would be as normal and regular as possible.

“I always wore brown shoes to work and told her not to worry, but she said,” No! Wait a minute. Don’t forget the flower slippers you have! ” It was like. “

Gregory was 21 at the time, but his mother’s advice eventually led him to pursue his musical ambitions.

He told the independent: “She told me:” Your singing voice is the best you have, so don’t forget it. “I did a good job with her, raising an ordinary man she stood up. That, and she said, “No! Take the risk!” And I took it. “

In contrast, Gregory’s dad, Rufus, was almost absent from his life during his youth.

And it was only during his funeral that he learned that his dad also had an incredible singing voice.

The’Holding On’hit maker said: Turn it positive.

“Now I can say he gave me something to feed my family.”

Gregory previously revealed that he had only spent “a few days” with his father.

He said: “I dated him in just a few days of my life, and it wasn’t long. He didn’t seem to be completely interested in being there. Maybe he was, to me do not know. “”

Gregory Porter’s mom changed his life | Celebrity

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