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Pittsburgh, June 10, 2021 / PRNewswire /-GrapeCity, a global provider of award-winning enterprise software development tools, has announced that its JavaScript spreadsheet solution, SpreadJS, offers pivot table support as an add-on feature. Included in the SpreadJS v14.1 release, this long-awaited customer request feature launches in the PivotPanel UI and includes Excel import and export capabilities. In addition, the PivotTable add-on supports a variety of features such as sorting, filtering and grouping. As the only JavaScript spreadsheet solution that supports pivot tables in spreadsheets rather than individual controls, developers working in data analytics, sales, and marketing can take advantage of this unique feature set. Pivottable support is available as an add-on for SpreadJS customers. GrapeCity website.

SpreadJS officially launches the long-awaited pivot table support as an add-on for customers.

“We are pleased to announce that SpreadJS now supports PivotTables in JavaScript spreadsheet applications,” said Product Manager. Kevin Ashley“Like Microsoft Excel, this add-on feature allows you to quickly summarize and analyze large amounts of data using a simple and intuitive UI.”

JavaScript developers who have purchased an add-on license can take advantage of the PivotTable feature for in-depth customization and rapid data analysis. Users can create a PivotTable by providing their own data or by adding existing table data. Use various options, themes, and layouts to style the appearance of your PivotTable. Enterprise developers can make data easily available in PivotTables by selecting and dragging data using the side panel or by setting sections of code using the JavaScript spreadsheet API. I can do it. For more information on using SpreadJS’s PivotTable add-on feature, Visit the GrapeCity website.

There are many parameters to improve the appearance of the pivot table. Various layout options are available based on the type of data and its display. Compact forms allow developers to optimize readability by keeping relevant data in a single column. The outline form allows you to place each row field in a separate column. Shows one column per field and provides space for field headers. The traditional tabular format is user-friendly and each column contains a field header, allowing developers to repeat item labels. Customers can also reuse the pivot table data in new locations for further analysis. For more information on pivot layout, Read the release blog.

SpreadJS allows JavaScript developers to change the appearance of the standard PivotTable with specific parameters and customize it with their own settings. When you add a PivotTable, include a group of parameters that determine other aspects of the PivotTable’s appearance, such as total and subtotal positions, filters, and tooltip visibility. In addition to the pivot option, the Autofit Column feature adjusts the layout of the pivot table for a better look. For example, it automatically changes the column width to correspond to the longest value in the field. The Pivot ContextMenu allows end users to apply sorts, sort field headers, and customize controls by expanding and collapsing field values ​​using a compact and intuitive UI. .. For more information on the many PivotTable features available, Visit the release blog.

About GrapeCity: GrapeCity is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and one of the world’s largest providers of developer components. The company has more than 850 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. GrapeCity has been providing state-of-the-art developer tools and components, software services, and solutions to companies around the world for over 30 years. For more information about the company, please visit: GrapeCity website.

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GrapeCity Developer Solutions Launches PivotTable Support for JavaScript Spreadsheets | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

Source link GrapeCity Developer Solutions Launches PivotTable Support for JavaScript Spreadsheets | Around the Web-Pennsylvania

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