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10 best games to bet

Jets Eagles

1:00 pm, Eagles 6½, 45

Hanks Honey: It’s not wild to choose either side here. Jalen Hurts, who played one of MetLife’s most ridiculous games last week (along with Nick Sirianni’s playcall), has ankle pain and may not be his cell phone. The question is how it affects Eagles’ top-ranked running games. After all, Jets is the fifth worst rank against Run. This is also a lot of points the Eagles give on the street, but Jets, who is trying to beat the Eagles for the first time in their history (0-11), has not yet put together two good efforts. The Eagles defense keeps three of the last five opponents to less than 14 points and has the ability to reliably contain Jets’ attacks. This allows you to go south on the turnpike.

If I was a bettor: Eagles and under.

Dolphins Giants

1:00 pm, dolphins 3:00, 40½

Hanks Honey: under. under. under. That is the first time. If Mike Glennon replaces Daniel Jones, the Giants’ attack won’t get much worse, but it won’t get any better. The Giants offense after Jason Garrett is very similar to the Giants offense under Jason Garrett. This is a complex Miami D that can create a turnover from a blitzkrieg, regardless of who plays QB. I don’t completely trust the dolphins, but with four consecutive wins, the two teams are consistent. Tua Tagovailoa seems to be improving from game to game, and RB Phillip Lindsay was immediately gift-wrapped with an exemption to upgrade the run game and electric shock pickups.

If I was a bettor: Dolphins and below.

Falcons BUCS

Bucc, 50½ by 1pm and 11pm

Hanks Honey: Bucks finally won the ATS on the streets of Indy, but it took a lot of bad turnovers to get it done. This feels like there are too many points for a split game. Teams are at different levels and Buccane should win, but it’s not a completely biased match. Falcons is a talented mid-sized team. Buccane has scored an average of 32 points in the last three road games with New Orleans, Washington and Indianapolis. Matt Ryan is a capable quarterback with a thin Tampa Bay secondary available, but Cordarel Patterson offers one of the league’s most unique dual threats.

If I was a bettor: Falcons and Under.

RAMS Jaguars

4:05 pm, Rams 13, 48

Hanks Honey: After losing three games in a row against the Titans, 49ers and Packers, Rams can return to the soft part of the schedule against the poor teams moving from shore to shore. Jaguar’s attack was completely bad and Rams’ defense wasn’t achieved, but he can get rid of that frustration and turn it into a rout. Trevor Lawrence has not developed under Urban Meyer, partly due to the lack of talent of the recipients. Now that Dan Arnold is in the IR, it’s even thinner. Matthew Stafford seems to be playing hurt and he has to be better. It is helpful to get some short fields against the Jugs shell defense.

If I was a bettor: Rams and Under.

Bengals Chargers

1:00 pm, Bengals 3:00, 50½

Hanks Honey: It’s now very clear that the Chargers can’t stop, which will be a problem for the resurrected Joe Mixon, who has just finished 28 Steelers at 165 yards. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase become even more dangerous when Bolt concentrates on stopping him (as Mike Tomlin said the Steelers did). Bengali can groan and see a clear path to the title of NFC North. The Chargers were at best inconsistent and, at worst, mediocre, as SU lost four times in the last six games.

If I was a bettor: More than Bengals.

Texans Colts

1:00 pm, Colts 9:00, 45½

Hanks Honey: You don’t have to rethink this. It’s a big expanse and should be higher. How the Texans (31st place allowed in the rushing yard) get through them after Jonathan Taylor wasn’t able to stop him for the first time with a 31-3 defeat (14-145-2 TD) Are you trying to stop? They don’t electric shock, they don’t put too much pressure on the quarterback, and with Taylor leaving, Carson Wentz should be able to avoid his usual mistakes. Houston didn’t have Tyrod Taylor at the first meeting, but he hasn’t done much for the attack in three games after returning home. Colts is 4-1 ATS on the road, averaging 11.6 points above the spread.

If I was a bettor: Colts and Under.

Seahawks 49ERS

4:25 pm, Niners by 3, 45½

Hanks Honey: The lines are so low that the suction cups appear to be wide. But how can the Seahawks and their terrible attacks (9.3 ppg since Russell Wilson’s return) catch up with the teams playing, as well as the teams in the league not based in Massachusetts? The Seahawks’ overwhelming home-field advantage is no longer (2-3 this season), and the Seahawks defense allows for the NFL’s second-largest yard. The absence of Deebo Samuel (LB Fred Warner also sits) may slow down the Nainers, but their attacks don’t need to score so many points to easily win this. We feed and dare to prove that we are wrong with Pete Carroll’s team.

If I was a bettor: 49ers or less.

Raiders Washington

4:05 pm, Raiders 2 1/2, 49½

Hanks Honey: It’s strange how WFT Defense’s performance has improved since Chase Young went down and shut down the running games of other teams altogether. It helped them cover three consecutive games as the underdog, and they will face the Raiders team, which is just 1-4 ATS when favored and just 2-4 ATS at home. The Vegas defense has allowed at least 31 points in each of the last three games, and while we don’t see such an explosion from Burgundy and Gold, we can see that it controls the tempo of the game. Taylor Heinicke is starting to feel it, Antonio Gibson is running well, and Terry McLaurin continues as the NFL’s least-known WR.

If I was a bettor: Washington and below.

Bills Patriot

Monday, 8:15 pm, invoice 3,44

Hanks Honey: This line is an insult to the Patriots team, who play the best and most consistent football in the otherwise inconsistent league. This includes Bills, who has recently become an absolute yo-yo. This has been seen before by the dynasty patriots team. They are at their best in the second half of the season. They have scored a total of 26 points in the last four games, showing a balanced attack with rookie quarterback Mac Jones. If they can run the ball as Colts did to Bills two weeks ago, it won’t be near. Buffalo attacks, on the other hand, are fairly one-dimensional. They get from Josh Allen what they are doing. But that didn’t help Bill Belichick’s defense, and Allen threw seven INTs in the last four games, so he’ll have to do a lot.

If I was a bettor: Patriots and below.

CHIEFS Broncos

8:20 pm, Chiefs 10, 47

Hanks Honey: Historically, this is easy given Andy Reid’s excellent post-bye-bye record and the worthlessness of Broncos to KC, who has been defeated 11 times in a row since 2015. However, while the chiefs began to turn things around before bye-bye, they turned. The Chiefs have scored more than 20 points only once (against the defense of the suspicious Raiders) in the last five games, and if you don’t do that against the very good Broncos D here, how to cover the double digits? is not. Broncos are likely to slow down the game by playing soccer, which has been very successful all year round. It also makes the under very attractive.

If I was a bettor: Broncos and below.

* * *

Look, but don’t touch

Steelers Ravens

4:25 pm, Ravens 3½, 44

Hanks Honey: Mike Tomlin is trying to bring the team back to respect this week by putting the team on the pad and turning off the music in the locker room. If it works anytime, I’ll oppose Ravens at the last stand of the Steelers. Ravens are certainly flawed and start with an aggressive backfield. However, although Ravens performed poorly, he outperformed most of the time. I know what I’m getting from Ben Roethlisberger, but I don’t know what I’m getting after Lamar Jackson’s poor performance. Browns. Will it continue, or will things be clicked like this time of last season?

If I was a bettor: Steelers and Under.

* * *

Best of the rest

Bears Cardinals

At 1:00 pm, the Cardinal was 7½, 45½

If I was a bettor: Cardinal and below.

Lions Viking

1:00 pm, Viking 7:00, 46½

If I was a bettor: More than Lions.

* * *

Best bet of the week: Niners. A hot team rather than a cold team.

last week: 9-6

Overall: 90-88 -2

Top / Bottom: 97-83

Recommended method: 8-4

Grab both Jets and Giants Unders – Reading Eagle

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