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Governor of Iowa asks about immigrant flights to Des Moines | National

Des Moines, Iowa (AP) —Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, sent migrant children to Des Moines Airport in April in a letter sent Thursday in an effort to join them with their relatives.

In a letter sent to U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley in Iowa, Reynolds said of the Senate Judiciary Committee on immigration that the Biden administration needs to address the lack of notification when moving children into the state. I asked for a surveillance hearing.

Similar immigrant children migrated between the Trump and Obama administrations, but Reynolds spokesman Pat Garrett said that the federal agency initially organized the flight because the recent flight took place late at night. He said it was different because he denied.

Reynolds claims that 19 children were flown from Long Beach, California to Des Moines International Airport late April 22nd. Two buses were used to transport most children to other airports in Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit and Fort. Wayne, Indiana, Janesville, Wisconsin. The two children were integrated with the sponsor at Des Moines Airport.

Republican and Donald Trump supporter Reynolds said Immigration issues When Trump was president despite highly publicized issues, she has repeatedly sought to pay attention to President Joe Biden’s immigration efforts since the inauguration of the Democratic Party.

In the letter, Reynolds said Trump had made significant progress at the country’s southern border, and Biden’s “Failed Policy Maximum surge In 20 years of illegal crossing, including the monthly maximum number of unaccompanied children in history. “

Reynolds has not been notified of the movement of children within the airport, so law enforcement agencies have asked whether the flight indicates “trafficking criminal activity or the transport of vulnerable children sponsored by the federal government.” He said he was forced to investigate.

The letter was also signed by Republican Governor Bill Lee, who questioned a similar flight to his state.

This trip was arranged by the Refugee Resettlement Administration of the Children’s and Family Affairs Department of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

In a statement, the Refugee Resettlement Administration’s mission is to safely care for unaccompanied children until they can integrate with a scrutinized sponsor, usually a parent or close relative. Said.

“Their parents and relatives are all over the United States, and ORR contractors use a variety of modes of transportation to connect unaccompanied children with their families. These modes include child safety and Includes air and land transportation options for health, travel time and cost effectiveness. This trip may consist of flights departing from different locations and stopping / connecting to different airports. There is. “

Since October 2020, 27,417 unaccompanied children have been released to sponsors, including 163 in Iowa, according to agency data. Last year, Iowa sponsors brought 119 children, and in 2019 489 were assigned with Iowa sponsors.

The agency provided detailed data on the number of children brought to Iowa since 2015.

Reynolds last month was denied The federal government’s request to the state to help immigrant children said the need to find a home for them was “a matter of the president.”

Reynolds’ position was in contrast to Trump’s willingness to accept refugees coming to the United States when he raised the issue in 2019. At that time, Trump signed an executive order giving the state the right to refuse refugees.

Reynolds was one of more than 30 governors who said they would accept refugees.

In a statement, Democratic Party Chairman Ross Wilburn of Iowa said Reynolds “focused solely on separating Iowa from his records, distracting him, and using fake crises to further attack his friends and neighbors. I’m guessing. “

However, Democrat Cindy Ax, a member of the district, including Des Moines, also complained that the Department of Health and Human Services and the US Immigration and Customs Department did not reveal the situation when asked about the flight report.

“I joined Governor Reynolds, demanding further investigation and disclosure from HHS, denying both why this flight was kept secret and why its existence was denied by both the public and civil servants trying to learn the full truth. I’ll judge if it was, “Axne said in a statement.

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Governor of Iowa asks about immigrant flights to Des Moines | National

Source link Governor of Iowa asks about immigrant flights to Des Moines | National

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