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Google Could Soon Discontinue Another Maps Feature (APK Teardown)

Google Maps stands as a cornerstone among Android users, celebrated for its utility in navigation and as a hub for exploration and recommendations. Yet, its evolution has seen an influx of features, prompting speculation about a forthcoming cleanup initiative. One such feature potentially on the chopping block is the ability to follow places within the service.

In the latest beta version, Google Maps v11.134.0103, strings have surfaced indicating the impending deprecation of the Followed Places feature, slated for next year. This means users will soon lose visibility of places they have followed directly within Google Maps. To mitigate this change, users are advised to download their followed places data via the Maps section of Google Takeout.

Launched in 2018, Followed Places initially aimed to streamline user engagement with businesses and locales by offering updates on events, promotions, and more via the For You tab. Businesses and places featured a prominent “+ Follow” button, simplifying the process of staying informed.

However, over time, this feature has faded from prominence within the Google Maps user interface. Recent observations suggest the Follow button is no longer readily visible across many listings. Support documentation for how to follow businesses has also become sparse, with focus primarily on unfollowing actions.

Google has been approached for comment regarding the rationale behind deprecating Followed Places. Pending their response, details on the feature’s phase-out and its impact on user interaction and engagement remain to be clarified.

As Google Maps continues to refine its user experience, adjustments like these reflect ongoing efforts to streamline functionality and enhance usability. Users will need to adapt to these changes as the platform evolves, potentially paving the way for new innovations in location-based services.

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