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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Good Doctor Season 5 premiere “New Beginnings.”]

Good news: Dr. Sean Murphy (Freddie Highmore) And Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) Married (and hope it doesn’t end like her dream).Bad news: There is a big change in the hospital Good doctor Season 5.

But first, Joy: Lee had a nightmare (a thunderstorm that interrupted the ceremony), started the premiere all at once, and decided that there would be no outdoor wedding. She takes care of all the plans for the engagement party and wedding. She wants to make it perfect, he tells Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) And Dr. Park (Will Yun Lee), He only cares about marrying her. It’s sweet, but as they warn him, planning a wedding is a big job.

Lee claims to Sean that he can handle everything, but when he starts talking to her about the patient, she cuts him off. Then things start to go wrong — including trying to keep the florist from meeting the deadline (until Lee threatens to call her fiancé, a lawyer) — and after another nightmare she gets engaged Declare the party off. (However, the wedding is still going on.)

Jordan (Bria Samone Henderson) is the one who persuaded Lee to change his mind. As the bride explains, when she first got married, it was a disaster as well as a marriage, so she needs to get this right. But, as doctors point out, if she is willing to risk the little things going wrong, she never has the opportunity to do the big things right.

The party resumed, and Park persuaded Sean to sit overnight on a medical mystery and head for the party sooner or later. And by the end of the episode, Sean told Lee that he was going to help plan the wedding, so if things went well or not, it would be both.

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Patients asking many questions, Salen Morrison (Rachel Bay Jones) and Morgan (Morgan), are likely to be problematic for staff.Fiona Gubelmann) And Jordan see at the clinic. Salen They are Dr. Grassman’s (Richard Schiff) Go to the office and ask if he identifies more as a doctor or hospital president, and that’s not the last time she’s wandering.

She found Salen in the server room after Jordan informed her that she couldn’t eat anything before the biopsy … and she had already eaten half of the sandwich. Then, after asking who is responsible for the surgery, Salen goes to find Lim to ask her opinion about her treatment before it collapses. Morgan, Jordan, Usher (Noah Galvin), And Andrews (Hill harper) Contemplate her symptoms (kidney lesions, shortness of breath, ankle swelling, heart irregularities) and wonder if she is messing with them. They realized that she didn’t stop taking the drug.

Salen was found to have hidden what had already been diagnosed seven years ago after the appearance of three symptoms of scleroderma. She was curious and stopped her medicine to see if they were like the bad doctors they had in the past.

Will Yun Lee Park, Fiona Gubelmann Morgan, The Good Doctor

ABC / Jeff Weddell

But wait, that’s not all. Salen is buying a hospital, Grassman tells Lim in the final scene. “I look forward to working with both of you,” Salen tells them.

Elsewhere around St. Bona Venture:

  • How does Andrews deal with the split from his wife?By dating manyUntil he accidentally invites two women to an engagement party. (They will leave together.) He goes home with the bartender. The bartender gives him the same morning of treatment he had previously given to someone: she leaves.
  • Dr. Grassman revealed that Debbie left him a few months before he toasted Sean and Lee at the party.
  • Morgan and Park are still together.
  • Mateo (Osvaldo Benavidez) is no longer a wanted man, but with Lim … and perhaps getting a job at the hospital while waiting for how Salen’s big move will affect his plans. When she learned of the news, Lim was planning to market him to the board.

Good doctor, Monday, 10 / 9c, ABC

“Good Doctor”: Patients confused and then shocked at Season 5 Premiere (RECAP) | Entertainment News

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