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Gnome-backed transgender athlete ban, clear committee | Nationwide

Pierre, SD (AP) — Friday’s South Dakota Legislative Committee Approves Bill Defended by Governor Kristi Noem Transgender women and girls are banned from participating in gender-identified school sports leagues.

With the Republican Governor’s full-scale lobbying, the bill has been enthusiastically approved by the Republican-controlled Senate State Commission, raising legislative hurdles that have been a major obstacle to similar South Dakota bills in the past. I cleared it. This was the first bill taken up by the Commission this year as lawmakers seek to track it quickly through the State Capitol.

Despite warnings from opponents that all Republicans on the Commission alienate transgender students, bully them, and expose public schools to legal action for political reasons that were not a problem in South Dakota. Approved the bill. Proponents say it protects girls’ sports from trans-athletes who may be bigger, faster and stronger than their peers.

“As a parent, I don’t really care if she’s an elite athlete, but I want her to have the experience of joining the team,” said a transgender daughter who is eager to attend school gymnastics. Jennifer Farren said.

“Passing this bill will hurt children directly,” she told the Commission in emotional testimony. “It will hurt my daughter directly and deprive her of the freedom to participate in activities with her peers.”

If the bill passes the legislature, South Dakota could become the tenth Republican-dominated country to adopt such. Ban on transgender women or girls.. In two of those states— Idaho When West Virginia — The law has been suspended by a federal judge. The U.S. Department of Justice objected to ban Other states blame them for violating federal law.

However, lawmakers used the Pennsylvania case of a 22-year-old transgender woman who spent a dominant year swimming at the University of Pennsylvania as ammunition. This is evidence that transgender athletes have an unfair advantage over competition.

The governor’s policy adviser, Rachel Oglesby, told the Commission that “allowing men to compete destroys fair competition and athletic opportunities for girls.”

The High School Activities Association claimed that it had already implemented a policy to ensure fair competition. The school evaluates applications from transgender athletes on a case-by-case basis and allows transgender girls to play in the Girls League only once. She didn’t ruin the competition, the Athletics Association said.

A group representing public schools said politicians were forcing them to choose between violating state law and federal policy. A related school board warned that schools could lose federal funding if a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services investigation found that schools violated student rights.

“This particular bill has nothing to do with helping young people, and nothing at all,” said Diana Miller, who represents South Dakota’s largest school district.

Recognizing the school’s exposure to legal risk, the Governor’s Office amended the bill to provide that the state provide a legal representative and pay the costs of the proceedings. The Governor’s Chief of Staff, Mark Miller, argued that the proposed law was constitutional, that other states would successfully enforce the law, and that the state would win in court if it was sued.

Last year’s gnome Avoided signing similar bills, Issued “Veto of Style and Form” and claimed to be flawed due to the risk of proceedings and retaliation from the NCAA.

But this year, she seized the momentum of a well-established cause among Republicans and shattered support for “protecting the fairness of women’s sports” in an attempt to regain her position as a social conservative. rice field.

This week, Nome launched a campaign ad claiming that it “never set back” on this issue. And if you suspect that her political ambitions are beyond South Dakota, the state where she runs for reelection and the bill goes into effect, ads are posted on channels across the country.

As a result, critics have come to blame the bill for nothing more than a promotion.

“This isn’t really a problem in South Dakota,” said Roger Telling Heisen, who represents the Human Rights Campaign, an organization that defends the LGBTQ people. “It’s a political statement-that’s it.”

The warming of gnomes on this issue demonstrates the growing influence of social conservatives in the Republican Party and the ability to entice politicians to uphold laws that discriminate against LGBTQ people.

Jon Schweppe, head of policy for the American Principles Project’s social conservative group, praised Nome’s bill last year after accusing him of effectively killing the bill.

“It’s been so far with Republicans to see her come out with a stronger bill and see her defend this issue and make it her priority. I’ve never seen it, “he said.

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Gnome-backed transgender athlete ban, clear committee | Nationwide

Source link Gnome-backed transgender athlete ban, clear committee | Nationwide

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