Gloves to see it? After a “terrible” injury, the Austin Hays Orioles hit AL’s longest consecutive hit, usually with bare hands.

He only wore batting gloves because he had to.

He never uses them. But now he has a suture in his left hand and needs something to protect himself from “dangerous” cuts.

Orioles outfielder Austin Hays is an old school.Normally He has a bat with his bare handsRub the clay on the ground between his palms, giving him some kind of grip.But the injury on his left hand When he was stepped on a cleat In a match against St. Louis Cardinals on May 12, he forced his hand while slipping from his head to first baseman.

Whether it’s gloves or not, everything now seems to work with haze plates.

Haze’s return from such an injury showed that he wore batting gloves for the first time since he was 10 years old. And wearing that glove, he put together the longest active consecutive hits in the American League in 13 games. Seattle’s Ty France (former AL leader) was one of the few who stood in the other side of the dugout that didn’t contribute Thursday night, ending 13 consecutive hits with the Mariners’ 7-6 victory. I let you. 10 innings of Orioles.

“He has a consistent turn at bat,” Orioles manager Brandon Hyde said of the post-match haze. “I see a man in his third or fourth year making adjustments and swinging his bat very well. He’s playing really good baseball right now.”

Was Hayes’ first hit on Thursday to keep winning in a row? A jammed ground ball dribbling in the middle at 66.5 mph is a good bounce that seems to follow him right now. And the very earliest kind of injured hand-stab contact.

In most cases, the injury has now healed. Haze’s single wasn’t as hurt as it was a week ago. There is still a lot left, but most of the back of his hand is a healed cut. His gloves prevent it from getting worse.

It’s been over 15 years since Hayes last used two batting gloves, but not just one. But as he wore it, his series of hits continued.

“It was multiple cuts in the hand, and he’s a really tough kid, you can just put on gloves and say” I can play “, that’s the toughness he has I will show you the will to play, “Hide said. “And he wants to play.”

To play, Haze puts a pad on the pinky on the left and wraps it in tape. The batting glove then covers it all as another layer of protection.

Hayes, however, has no superstition. He said it was only sticking to what was already working before the injury. The three games he missed did not change his rhythm. The day he was stepped on, he had already hit .291 on May 13.

“We’re restarting from where we left off, especially for right-handed pitchers,” Hayes said before the match on Thursday. “Keep their off-speed stuff in the zone and be ready to hit from the first pitch of the turn at bat. Don’t throw the ball in the center of the plate and let it escape.”

Hayes hit .303 between May 1st and June 1st, scoring 30 hits in 27 games. In these 27 games, the rebuilding Orioles (22-31) won 15-12. During the last 13 games in a row, Hayes hit .340.

With his second RBI single on Thursday’s third inning, Haze’s batting average jumped above .300 for the second time this season. He went 2-5 with Ran and two RBIs that night.

Thirteen consecutive hits are the longest in the season for Hayes, just a little behind his long career hits 17 from August 24th to September 11th last season.

However, Haze’s one-glove look doesn’t last long. Consecutive hits are not going to change that. The moment he felt ready to hit the bat with his bare hands again, he said he would. He has made progress in the last three weeks, but that time hasn’t come yet.

And although he’s used to gloves, he still doesn’t like it.

“After all, I’m the same guy, batting gloves or not,” Hayes said.


Gloves to see it? After a “terrible” injury, the Austin Hays Orioles hit AL’s longest consecutive hit, usually with bare hands.

Source link Gloves to see it? After a “terrible” injury, the Austin Hays Orioles hit AL’s longest consecutive hit, usually with bare hands.

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