Glenn Thompson’s hypocrisy about gay marriage continues to spotlight the bill

If gay advocates are angry with Pennsylvania parliamentarian Glenn Thompson in a recent vote against the law protecting same-sex marriage rights, they need to reconsider.

They should thank him.

By voting against the bill last week and attending the wedding of a gay son three days later, Republicans representing northwestern and central Pennsylvania see how some politicians are false. Was shown.

Thompson’s hypocrisy was done National heading.. And it continues to fight for gay rights in the spotlight.

The law, which easily passed the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives without Thompson’s support, might not have received much attention if Thompson was not so two-sided. It may have died quietly in the Senate without a vote.

Thank you, Congressman Thompson.

Now there is pressure on the Senator.

To pass the bill, the Marriage Respect Act, you need 10 Republican votes. At least five senators say they support or disagree with it for no reason. The Washington Post reported..

The bill gained Republican support in the House of Representatives. Forty-seven Republicans agreed and 157 opposed. The majority of Pennsylvania Republicans opposed it, but it wasn’t a cleanup.

It was Thompson who voted against the bill. Fred Keller; John Joyce; Mike Kelley; Guy Reschen Thaler; and Lloyd Smucker.Vote for it Scott perry, Brian Fitzpatrick And Dan Moser.

The bill will codify the rights of same-sex marriage and interracial marriage into federal law.

Proponents imprint these rights in law in case the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the 2015 ruling that banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional or does not allow marriage from other states. I hope that.

Concerns were raised last month based on the disturbing opinion that Judge Clarence Thomas wrote: Court abolished constitutional right to abortion..

Thomas also said the court was wrong in establishing other rights not stated in the Constitution, such as same-sex marriage and contraceptive rights.

He said the court should reconsider these cases, all of which were granted rights under the Fourteenth Amendment. The state states, “You must not take away any person’s life, freedom, or property without due process of law.” In addition, the equal protection of the law cannot be denied to any person in its jurisdiction. “

Pennsylvania was once one of those states.

There was a law prohibiting same-sex marriage. It was withdrawn in 2014 by a federal judge.

Such a law has no purpose. Make people the ones they want to be. Their decisions rarely affect others.

If the line sounds familiar, it’s me Column 3 years agoWhen the Supreme Court heard a lawsuit on whether gay and transgender people were protected by civil rights law.

The court later ruled that discrimination in the workplace against people on the grounds of gender identity or sexual orientation was illegal.

Refusing to marry a homosexual is also discrimination. I hate that America, perhaps a free country, does not allow people to be free to be themselves.

What is the harm of same-sex marriage?

Most people are fine. According to a June Gallup survey, 71% of people support it.

Is there Congressman Thompson? I think it depends on who he always wants to please.

Publicly, the answer is no. Perhaps he must think of it as the position that the boss of his party and his members want him to hold. Therefore, a vote against his bill.

Personally, the answer is yes. At his son’s wedding last week, Thompson doted like his proud father.

BuzzFeed News reported Thompson spoke at the wedding and said he felt “blessed” to celebrate the man’s marriage. BuzzFeed said it got a record of comments from wedding guests.

“We love it when they find their true love, especially when they become part of our family. That’s what we support,” BuzzFeed said. According to Thompson said.

It’s also sad that he didn’t have the courage to support it publicly.

Thankfully, his publicity about hypocrisy raises more awareness than he has ever been able to do with a genuine vote.

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Glenn Thompson’s hypocrisy about gay marriage continues to spotlight the bill

Source link Glenn Thompson’s hypocrisy about gay marriage continues to spotlight the bill

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