GIRLS LACROSSE: Alexis Hobson of Wisahicon competes at the highest level | Sports

Alexis Hobson of Wisahicon spent the summer at the highest level in lacrosse.

The senior midfielder played for the Nike American Select Pennsylvania 2022 team in Delaware at the end of July. After that, she participated in the U-18 USA National Team Combine held in Maryland in mid-August.

“Sure, I was faced with a very talented girl from all over the country,” she said. The Nike American Select event was a lot of fun! Eventually, I met some of the girls who played in the Nike tournament again at the U-18USA National Team Combine. It was fun to play with some of them with a drill / scrim seriously, not against them. From both of these events, I met great talented players from all over the United States and created memorable moments! “

Hobson and her team reached the semifinals at the Nike American Select event.

“Once again, the Nike American Select event was great,” she said. “I was able to play with my lacrosse friends who weren’t on a club or school team. I’ve never played with them as a team, but it’s strange how compatible they were during the play. Personally, I have 110% in my play. I went to the semi-finals, but unfortunately I lost to Massachusetts. “

With over 1,600 girls challenging the U-18 national team, Hobson was one of the 76 invited to the combine.

“The national team combine was an unforgettable experience,” Hobson said. “I had a great time and made a lot of new talented friends!

“I am very honored to know that the last five years I have been playing this sport have been rewarded and I have had a wonderful and unforgettable opportunity!”

Hobson started lacrosse in grade 7 and was immediately influential. As a freshman, she was the first defender of a Trojan horse. She started in the midfield as a junior after her sophomore was hit by a pandemic.

“I’m definitely constantly learning new skills, footwork, shots and more,” she said. “There is always room for learning and improvement. Also, the game is constantly changing as the game becomes more popular and the rules change. Most of the girls I played this summer have been through Lacrosse’s career. I’m playing because I remember. My passion for sports allowed me to improve and grow in a short amount of time and reach the next level. “

She was the first team’s All Suburban One League American Conference Selection for Trojans as a Junior last spring. She led the undefeated league champion with 22 assists and finished third with 50 points. She also led the team in shooting rates, causing turnovers, ground balls, and the fewest turnovers.

Hobson was named to the 2021 PASLA All Academic Team. She has a 4.71 weighted GPA and continues to expand her options after graduating from high school.

“For now, I’m applying for college and playing with my ears,” she said. “If an opportunity arises at a university that I believe is most suitable for me, I will definitely consider it, but at this point I am very focused on my studies.”

This fall, Hobson was invited to a guest play with a team from Long Island, NY.

GIRLS LACROSSE: Alexis Hobson of Wisahicon competes at the highest level | Sports

Source link GIRLS LACROSSE: Alexis Hobson of Wisahicon competes at the highest level | Sports

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