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Gift Ideas for Women Over 40

Give Gifts That Matter

We all know how incredible the feeling of receiving a useful gift is. Don’t get me wrong, we love our mugs and candles, but there are only so many of those items that we actually need. Gifts have the ability to be sentimental and personal (these are the ones we love the most).

Giving a thoughtful gift not only shows your love and dedication to the person, but also how observant you have been. Did you notice how she stares at that one necklace every time she walks past the jewelry counter? Or does that throw pillow perfectly compliment the color scheme in her living room? These mundane details speak the language of thoughtful gift-giving.

Let’s take a look at the most popular gift ideas for women over 40. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, anniversary, or new stage of life, there is a perfect gift for every moment.

Beauty Gifts

There is nothing more special than feeling well… special! Beauty gifts such as makeup, skincare products, and hair care are great ways to make sure that important woman in your life feels beautiful. Beauty-related gifts can include anything from hair straighteners and facial treatments to mascara and lipstick.

The best way to ensure you purchase high-quality beauty products and not some junk in your local department store is to read reviews online of the product, ask the salesperson questions, and go with your gut. Is this something she would use?

Would she reach for this *blank*while getting ready in the morning? These are the types of questions you should ask yourself and others to ensure her gift is perfectly suited to her routine.

Kitchen Gifts

Many women find cooking to be an art form and therapeutic, while others do it simply because they have a large family to feed and no one else will make the sauce. Whatever the reason, a kitchen gift is a great way to say “thank you” for all the work they do year-round to keep their loved ones well fed.

A great kitchen gift is one that makes their daily meal preparations easier. The new gadgets you pick up for them should be both useful and practical. From high-tech appliances to new toasters, there is something for all cooking levels.

For example, if she loves to make a cup of hot tea every morning, a new teapot is a great option. Alternatively, if she loves planning dinner parties, a new dinnerware set could light up her life.

Home Decor Gifts

Home decor is very personal. Every woman has their own style they gravitate towards. While some women like bright aesthetics, others prefer neutral tones. The goal is to purchase decor pieces that fit their existing space.

Gifting a decor item that doesn’t fit their style will most likely be returned or pushed into a closet somewhere. Instead, take notice of their style and begin to brainstorm ideas. Pillows, throw blankets, art pieces and farmhouse signs are all great starting points.

Self-Care Gifts

For all the things they do for others, they deserve the best self-care gifts for them. For that special woman in your life, whether it be your mother, grandmother, sister, wife or friend, self-care gifts are a great way to help them take care of themselves.

Women oftentimes juggle work with chores, obligations, and caregiving. From aromatherapy diffusers to silk robes, self care gifts are a great way to say “thank you.”

Jewelry Gifts

Most women adore small sparkly pieces of jewelry. The goal when buying such items is to imagine her wearing them. Would she wear this pair of earrings? Are these too fancy for her everyday style or would she love them for a special occasion? Jewelry compliments her outfit and helps her to be the most confident version of herself.

Custom Gifts

Lastly, custom gifts are always a great way to add a personalized touch. There are countless options for customizing a gift. You can customize fan gear of her favorite baseball team. You can customize a robe with her initials on it. The options are truly endless.

Finding the Perfect Gift with Care

Regardless of which gift type you select for the special occasion, remember that above all, the thought is what counts and will ensure she feels loved and cared for. We all know how important it is to be appreciated. Ensure her gift is matched perfectly for her.


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