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The Giants rebuilt Cornerback’s Adoree’s contract on Monday, freeing up about $ 6 million in salary cap space.

GM Joe Shane hopes he won’t kick the pain in his salary cap anymore. He just wants to rebuild his contract as a last resort.

However, the Giants are in desperate need of 2022 cap space and have reorganized two players, kickers Grahamgano and Jackson, in the last two weeks.

Jackson’s restructuring on Monday converted his $ 89.65 million contract into a contract, adding a fourth invalid year in 2024, according to ESPN, to bring cap space to $ 5.98 million this season. ..

This followed Gano’s restructuring, converting his $ 2.63 million salary into a contract and adding a fifth invalid year in 2024 to create a $ 1.753,000 cap space.

It is important to note that the giant’s decision to reorganize 26-year-old Jackson was not just economical. It also reflects their personnel preferences.

Instead, we could have saved cap space by expanding James Bloodberry to reduce $ 21.8 million in cap hits. However, the team is not interested in doing so.

They preferred Jackson to Bradbury, and new defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale brought an aggressive Pressman scheme.

“I think he’s a good player for us,” head coach Brian Dabol told Jackson on Monday. “Rebuilding and everything, I think it’s probably a better question for Joe, just happy. [Adoree’] It is here. Energetic. It’s good to be around him this morning. “

The Giants are also carrying $ 11.45 million in dead money to prevent Logan Ryan from joining the team. It was a release motivated by the desire to remove the defense leader from the field and drive him out of the locker room.

Jackson isn’t playing well enough to justify his $ 39 million contract for the first three years. Performance needs to be significantly improved to match the team’s current investment.

League sources expect Bradbury to be traded soon. Meanwhile, Chiefs, Texans, and Colts are paying attention as a team. The veteran corner is doing himself while the Giants are waiting to find a solution to their predicament.

Safety Xavier McKinney said he was “sick” when he saw Ryan released and admitted that Bradbury wasn’t on the team to start the off-season program. He said this is typical of the turbulent NFL start he experienced at the Giants.

“I was actually talking to JB a day ago, but I talked to him for the last two years. I felt like I was in the league for six years,” McKinney said. “Only with all COVID stuff and staff movements and things happening within the organization.”

Draft shuffle

Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman won an additional first round from the Saints in 2023, exchanging two of the three first round picks on Monday.

The Eagles picked No. 15 (from Miami), No. 1 in the first round on Monday. 16 (from Indianapolis), No. I brought in 19. They exchanged 16th, 19th and 6th rounds (194th) for saints.

In exchange, New Orleans gave Philadelphia 18th place in the first round of the year, 3rd round (101st place), 7th round (237th place), 1st round in 2023 and 2nd round in 2024. Gave a pick.

Saints clearly needs to be at the receiver and is about to continue competing in Dennis Allen’s first season. So now they have enough capital to draft wide outs and another key player to help their team. Meanwhile, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has a long-term view.

Line dance

The Giants hold picks No. 5 and 7 (from Chicago) in this NFL draft. They are expected to start from the right side this fall using one of those picks with an aggressive tackle. Dabol was asked on Monday if it was more important for Rheinman to block or pass protect in his attack.

“Especially for our tackles, the job of an aggressive lineman is to keep the width of the pockets, protect them inside out, and be able to get movement in the line of scrimmage,” Dabol said. rice field. “These are the two main things we look for in an aggressive lineman, and that’s what we keep looking for. I don’t think there are any … some are better than others. But after all, they must be able to do both to be effective players for us. “


The next item in the Giants’ schedule is a voluntary pre-draft mini-camp at the team’s facility from April 19th to 21st, culminating at the Shane press conference on April 21st. The off-season for their team has also begun.


Giants Rebuilds Adley Jackson’s Contract As James Bradbury’s Trade Approaches – Leading Eagle

Source link Giants Rebuilds Adley Jackson’s Contract As James Bradbury’s Trade Approaches – Leading Eagle

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