Giant works with Flashfood to reduce food waste

The giant company supermarket in the reading area Flash hoodAn app that aims to increase profits and reduce food waste.

The app has set a “flash hood zone” in Huge store,The sale deadline is approaching and it is full of foods with up to 50% discount. These foods are usually inadvertently thrown away, but you have a chance to buy them last. This app shows users the meat, dairy products, produce and baked goods available at discounted prices.

Eric Tribe, Chief Marketplace Officer at Flashfood, said, “Thanks to our partnership with Giant, we were able to convert over £ 650,000 from landfills by handing them into shoppers while they were still fresh.” It states.

Based in Toronto, Flashfood has 23,000 active users in Pennsylvania. Tribe explains that users are “converted” to an app and consider it a “game changer.”

Customers use the app to buy discounted food at local stores and pay with a credit or debit card. Then go to the store and pick up your order at the Flashfood Zone cooler.

Courtesy of Flashfood

Contents in the Flashfood cooler.

“Suddenly, they were able to invest in other areas of their lives,” the tribe said. “Flashfood cuts grocery bills in half and makes it fresher.”

Partnerships are a wise business move in an era where more and more companies embrace sustainability and conservation. According to a 2020 survey by IBM and the National Retail Federation, 70% of consumers in the United States and Canada believe that brand sustainability is important. And 69% are willing to pay higher prices for brands that they know are sustainable.

Josh Dominguez

According to Flashfood WebsiteCEO Josh Domingues was urged to start the company after a friend of the chef complained that he had to throw away $ 4,000 worth of food on the phone.

“Sustainability leaders like the Giant Company are tackling this issue with many strategies,” said the tribe. “Flashfood is another tool in the toolbox.”

“Flash food is an important part of our commitment to increasing access to fresh food and at the same time helping to distract more food waste from landfills,” Giant spokeswoman Ashley Flower said in a statement. It is stated in. “The introduction of the Flashfood program in Reading is on track and we see a tendency for new customers to come in every week.”

A Giant representative visited Flashfood’s home country of Canada and confirmed that the app was working in a grocery store. Impressed by what they saw, they tested the Flashfood pilot program in four locations in Lancaster County in 2020. When they were successful, Giant decided to place Flashfood zones in all stores, including six locations in Berks County.

“The Giant Company is a major leader in sustainability and a great partner,” said the tribe. “They are always looking for ways to add value to their customers and the communities in which they operate. That’s why Flashfood is so good.”

Giant works with Flashfood to reduce food waste

Source link Giant works with Flashfood to reduce food waste

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