Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Boone wants the holiday to remain stagnant from IL – wake-up call

Baltimore-Giancarlo Stanton is not injured, but he and the Yankees are now actively working to prevent injury. The Yankees slugger was out of the starting lineup for two consecutive days as he tried to overcome “fatigue” and generally “beating”.

“He wants to give me extra time. Stanton said before the series played against the Orioles in Camdenyard.” But I’m fine. I’ll be there today on Tuesday or later. increase.”

Stanton missed nine games on the injured list earlier this season due to a leg problem he had struggled with in the past. He told IL this Sunday morning, “I’m sure it won’t get there.”

Neither Stanton nor Aaron Boone discussed what the particular issue is now.

The Yankees manager said, “I think I’m in the middle of a rough stretch, such as a tight schedule, and I think he’s been beaten a bit, but I’m not worried about anything.” “The biggest thing for me is tomorrow’s vacation. It feels like it’s time to give him a little reset. I think he will serve him really well and eventually really well. What am I doing now? I don’t want to push it through. I feel it’s time he’s been a little vulnerable to some things in the past and now he doesn’t want to ruin it. “

Since winning the Best Player Award in the All-Star Game on Tuesday, Stanton has gone 0-10 with seven strikeouts in ten at-bats.

“I’m not injured. I felt it a little, except he was a little tired of going in and out of the break,” Boone said. “It’s my phone that I really think it’s wise to take him to the location of the wrecking machine where he’s in the next few days, but I don’t hesitate to use him today.”

Boon said Stanton plans to enter the Subway Series lineup and outfield on Tuesday.

Michael King needs surgery on his broken right elbow, but right-handed people and the Yankees are still seeking doctor’s advice.

“It gets some feedback, makes sure we’re all buttoned, and obviously then you need to make a decision,” Boone said. “But one thing we know is that an apparently fractured elbow has been identified. It will definitely be something that needs to be addressed.”

King needs surgery to repair his elbow fracture, but he may be facing Tommy John. When asked if there was any damage to the ulnar collateral ligament, Boone said, “I don’t know how much.” A spokesman for the team revealed that it meant that we didn’t know if the damage was more than zero.

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King’s career outlook is very different. With fractured bone surgery, King returns to spring training time. Tommy John’s surgery, even a new advanced elbow reconstruction, will miss a significant portion of the 2023 season.

“These timelines are quite different,” Boone said.

Miguel Castro, who is on the injured list due to shoulder tension, is still in the first stages of a shutdown that is likely to be “no throw” for a few weeks.

IL’s Luis Severino, whose latissimus dorsi is tense, is picking up the ball and trying to start throwing it again.

“Seby is doing well,” Boone said. “So he will hopefully be re-evaluated in the next three to four days to start the throwing program, but he’s doing well.”

Zack Britton, who underwent off-season elbow reconstruction surgery, is approaching the next step in rehab, Boone said.

“I know he will probably play live batters for the first time in the next 10 days or two weeks,” Boone said. “Once again, if that works, you can create a timeline from it. At least a handful before something like (minor league rehab assignments) begins. You’ll be facing a live hitter, but he’s on the right track. “

Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Boone wants the holiday to remain stagnant from IL – wake-up call

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