Ghost Club Debuting Live at Thunderbird Cafe & Music Hall | Music | Pittsburgh

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Ghost Club Domenic Dunegan

In 2016, Domenic Dunegan went to a Bruce Springsteen concert with his father, changing the show and leaving. By 2018, he had formed a band based in Pittsburgh. Ghost club, And this law quickly gathered social media, YouTube and Spotify..

“I didn’t want anything. I completely changed the concert and left,” says Dunegan. “From that moment on, I wanted to learn how to become a musician, but thankfully I have access to the internet, so I asked,” How do you play this? How do you record and produce it? ” I was able to find out. And it became a foothold one after another. Get there for now. ”

Ghost Club, consisting of Dunegan on vocals and piano, Logan Casper on bass, Zack Leya on guitar, and Stephen Kraus on drums, will make a live debut at Thunderbird Café & Music Hall.

Earlier this year Pittsburgh City Paper Did Song spotlight The ghost club song “All I Know” featured animated videos, catchy lyrics, and pop melodies. In the early days of the band, they were drawing a comparison with panic! At the disco, fans saw something similar between Dunegan and lead singer Brendon Urie.

“It was a little fun at first, and obviously I adopted it just because I wanted to take advantage of it if I could put something aside or get attention. Now it’s a kind of thing. It’s a retrofit. I went in the other direction and made it work for me, “says Dunegan. “You have to start somewhere. That is, when Aerosmith was there, they were basically called the Rolling Stones knockoff, the Rolling Stones were the Beatles and the Beatles were the Elvis imitations, so it’s better than the comparison. There is nothing. ”

After actually developing the sound and creating the fan base for the last three years, they are ready to go on stage.

Before the show, Dunegan says the band is a little distrustful.

“That is, we’re working hard through COVID, rehearsing all of this and interspersing everything. I’m crossing every T and everything we do works. I’ve confirmed, “he says.

Tickets for this event are still available and can be purchased at the following URL: Thunderbird Music Hall website.

Kahone Concept and Caleb Copta Ghost Club.. Saturday, December 4th, 7:00 pm, 8:00 pm door. Thunderbird Cafe & Music Hall. 4053 Butler Street, Lawrenceville. $ 15. thunderbirdmusichall.com

Ghost Club Debuting Live at Thunderbird Cafe & Music Hall | Music | Pittsburgh

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