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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sexual Abuse Trial Week 1 Scene | Nationwide

New York (AP) — First Week Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sexual Abuse Trial Feelings accusing the first of her four main accusations to take the position of a witness and a British social celebrity inviting her into a sexual encounter with financier Jeffrey Epstein. I gave a typical testimony.

A jury in a federal trial in Manhattan also heard from a former employee who introduced the interior of a luxurious lifestyle that Epstein shared with his girlfriend and later employee Maxwell. Her lawyer says she is Epstein’s scapegoat who committed suicide in 2019 while she was waiting for a trial behind the bar.

This is a snapshot of an exam that is gaining international attention.

End of Innocence

NS The story of the first Maxwell whistleblower has begun Innocently: She was 14 years old eating ice cream at a music camp when she walked closer to Yorkie from Epstein and Maxwell in 1994. What went on for the next few years, the accuser said, hurt her for the rest of her life.

Witnesses (a woman in her early 40s who was introduced to the jury as “Jane” to protect her privacy) went shopping with Maxwell and Epstein and invited her and her mother to Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. I testified that I had taken care of her by doing so.

Immediately she visited the house alone as Maxwell and Epstein invited her into unwanted sexual contact that treated her as “not a big deal.” It was a pattern that the prosecutor wanted to prove that he was repeated many times with other girls and adolescents.

On Friday, Prosecution spread green massage table To support the whistleblower’s testimony that massage was used as a pretending sexual encounter from Epstein’s house.

The defense demanded to know why “Jane” took so long to come forward.

“I was scared,” she said with tears. “I was embarrassed and embarrassed. I didn’t want anyone to know about me.”

Hearing impaired, visually impaired, visually impaired

Prosecutor says Maxwell created a “culture of silence” To cover up the crimes of her and Epstein. And some of the evidence seemed to have written the culture.

Those instructions were part of a 58-page booklet with rules for staff working in the mansion. Prosecutors say Epstein ordered the construction of a detached staff dormitory surrounded by high walls that obstructed the view of the main building, as if to bring home the issue of keeping the secrets of Maxwell and Epstein.

Former real estate manager Juan Alessi testified that privacy measures were considered “a kind of warning that I should have been blind, deaf, and stupid, not to mention their lives.”

Alessi remembered meeting “Jane” several times At the dwelling, I noticed that she looked like a minor. But he also shows that something she has never seen entering the master bedroom with Epstein, or something suspicious about her and the young female revolving door, is happening at his workplace. Said he noticed.

He claimed that no one warned him of cheating.

“I did something and I wish they had it,” he said.

Defense against attacks

The defense displayed Some of the tactics we plan to use to undermine the credibility of “Jane” And three other major whistleblowers who will testify by the end of the month.

Maxwell’s lawyers are trying to portray the description of the abuse as unreliable. This suggests that they have false memories and are advised by lawyers to play the role of Maxwell in civil proceedings after Epstein’s death. One of the lawyers speculated that veteran television actor “Jane” could use her acting skills to decorate her testimony.

Lawyers carried out some of the plots that “Jane” has been working on for years: protected moms, victims of bullying, someone stalked by serial killers, prostitutes. “It’s not my favorite role,” the Witness said at the end.

She blamed her when asked if her career was good at giving her “a melodramatic and sentimental treatment of interpersonal situations.”

“Hopefully it’s not tuned,” she said. “It’s just dramatic.”


Three more main whistleblowers are waiting on their wings to testify to Maxwell. It is unclear when that will happen, and prosecutors remain silent about the witness’s turn.

However, the defense’s opening statement then gave hints about the accusator.

According to Maxwell’s lawyer, one was a psychotherapist who met Epstein in New York City at the age of 16 and later visited a ranch in New Mexico. The other is a former British model who once dated one of Maxwell’s friends. The third is the person who claims that the defense has introduced Epstein to other victims who were not involved in the case.

Other evidence that the prosecution is still planning to introduce: Epstein’s private plane flight records — prosecutors say Maxwell, Epstein, and alleged victims have confirmed that they have traveled together — And Fedex records confirm that Epstein sent a gift to one victim when he was only 15 years old.

The trial is expected to last another five weeks.


Associated Press writers Jennifer Peltz and Larry Neumeister contributed to this report.

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sexual Abuse Trial Week 1 Scene | Nationwide

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