Geyser, toilet barbecue, cheese ball pyramid, etc.

Pittsburgh City Paper’Thank you for the new mascot, Nellie Fly, this week.

hello. Welcome to the first article in the column I decided to call “Stay Weird, Pittsburgh”.

Why “Keep Pittsburgh Strange”? Well, for beginners, it’s Austin’s and we don’t want some of it. Second, Pittsburgh doesn’t need help to be weird. It’s already a strange place, so I thought someone should just celebrate it. A city that remains strange, for better or for worse.

Let’s take a closer look at this week’s situation in Pittsburgh without any further hassle.

Well, maybe we want one of these for our office, but what’s that? We tilt the hat to the genius who invented this toilet barbecue / cooler combo. This is an object that combines the impulse of the Dadaist of Duchan’s Fountain with the practicality of a multi-tool. Next!

Today I heard and saw a rattling noise in the backyard. I thought it was a groundhog, so I supported myself for his middle …

Contributor Brian Bloom upon Sunday, July 24, 2022

Obviously, Pittsburgh writer Brian Bloom, who haunts this raccoon, Rabies vaccine deals The counties are scattered throughout the month. (I’ve been completely calm and productive since I started eating them. My colleagues can prove this.)

Whether ferocious or not, we admire the spirit of this raccoon outsider.There is nothing we respect Garbage-eating creatures..

A beautiful, natural wonder in the midst of our fair city! Like all Pittsburgh geysers, we call it natural because it is the result of people and city authorities actively refusing to interfere with structural problems that result from natural processes. Nature is healing, yinz.

And finally, this new work of art, which found the way to downtown Pittsburgh, Cultural Trust Initiative.. This work-a 26-foot-high inflatable sculpture by French (uncommented) artist Cyril Lancelin-is properly titled “Pyramid XL Sphere”.

This person on Twitter described it as the “Utz Cheeseball Pyramid,” but thought it was a slightly larger but more accurate representation of what Garfield left in the bathroom after a large lasagna dinner. increase.Revenge Garfield’s nightmare, Anyone?

Geyser, toilet barbecue, cheese ball pyramid, etc.

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