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Get the hang of Pottstown aerial yoga in a flowing pose from inside a silk hammock – Daily Local

Yoga is a popular fitness practice that can be performed in a variety of ways, even while suspended from the ceiling in a silk hammock.

In aerial yoga classes, participants focus on breathing and fluid movements, all hanging in silk. The hammock allows support in very interesting poses, such as upside down.

“You believe this fabric keeps you safe in the air,” said yoga instructor Bobby Dietrich.

Dietrich is certified for several types of yoga, including in the air. He teaches at the Samana Holistic Center at 170 South Street in Pottstown.

Aerial yoga isn’t done on the ground, so it may seem intimidating to some, but Dietrich said it’s all about having fun.

“I think it helps to use a little humor,” he said. “People are relieved to make jokes here and there.”

Dietrich encourages students to think of aerial yoga as an opportunity to play like a child.

“Usually children don’t have that fear yet, so it just reminds them that it’s just a swing,” he said. “The inner child will come out and the comfort will naturally ease.”

Sisters Emily Urbansky and Beth Wolf decided to try aerial yoga together for the first time.

“I knew it would be this girl if someone could do it with me,” Urbansky said of her sister.

Both sisters said the class was a fun way to exercise and a great bond activity. Urbansky and Wolf said the most proud pose they completed was the movement of the handstand.

“It holds you really tight with all your stabilizing muscles and reminds you to breathe while doing it,” Wolff said.

Wolf said Dietrich gave her confidence during each move.

“He was very kind and really instructed you through every step,” she said.

Wolf said the class was perfect for beginners because he had no judgment.

“Everyone was really open and embraced, so I felt like I could learn as I went,” she said.

Dietrich said aerial yoga is a way for yoga students to take their practice to the next level and is “a new and exciting way to get into health and fitness.”

He said the class was full body workout. This includes core crunches, upper body strength, and leg support movements.

“You are trained, but you also bring a sense of peace to yourself, and you are not even aware of it,” Dietrich said.

Jennifer Fisher, owner of the Samana Holistic Center, describes aerial yoga as “releasing.”

According to Fisher, the aerial class has been working for three years. She moved her fitness studio to a location on South Street, partly because she had the ceiling needed to support her silk hammock. Fisher has been offering aerial yoga classes in the studio since this summer.

“It’s every Monday now. There are also frequent children’s pop-up classes,” she said.

According to Fisher, a shadow yoga class will soon be held in the studio. Dietrich said the class is about the basics of yoga and can be used for recovery.

“It’s a very slow-paced yoga sensation. It’s all ground-based and silk is used for support,” he said.

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Get the hang of Pottstown aerial yoga in a flowing pose from inside a silk hammock – Daily Local

Source link Get the hang of Pottstown aerial yoga in a flowing pose from inside a silk hammock – Daily Local

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