Get a free sandwich on the subway for one day

You can see subway sandwiches at the restaurant. (Photo by Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

San Francisco (Kron) — Want a free subway sandwich? You need to put it in the right place at the right time.

It’s Tuesday from 10am to noon. According to Subway, the venue will offer a 6-inch Turkey CaliFresh sub for free to up to 50 customers per store upon request. Nationally, they distribute up to 1 million free registrants.

The new sub is part of the revealed menu update last week..Updates will take place in amazing weeks New York Times Based on lab tests No identifiable tuna DNA Found in subway tuna.

In the announcement of “Eat Fresh Refresh,” Subway said that “the premium 100% tuna that is popular with fans” is expected to remain unchanged.

“While many of Subway’s core protein choices have been improved as part of EatFresh Refresh, one ingredient that doesn’t need to be upgraded is Subway’s high-quality, premium tuna,” the company said. Press release..

The chain serves tuna caught 100% in the wild, stating that “DNA testing is not a reliable way to identify denatured proteins like Subway tuna cooked before testing.” It was.Laboratory hired by the New York Times Also note Cooking and processing meat can make DNA identification difficult or impossible.

Tuesday is the first day Subway deletes new menu items. The company calls the biggest menu update in more than 50 years of history refreshing.

Even if you’re not interested in turkey, you can still pay to try one of the other new sub-combinations, such as Steak Kas Refresh and All-American Club.

Get a free sandwich on the subway for one day

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