Germantown Academy rally past Wisahikon – the reporter online

Fort Washington — Germantown Academy slowed the ball, became more cautious about the attack, and the approach of one goal at a time was rewarded with a one-goal victory.

“I was thrilled. It was close at the end, but we grabbed it,” said Emma Goodwin of the Patriots.

“It was a complete game, and it’s a really good team,” GA coach Jay Foster said of the Trojan. “The girls had patience, and I tried not to force them like in the first half. And it came out on our way today.”

The Patriots recovered from the deficit of 11-7 and 13-9 and won the Trojan 14-13 in the cold and rough twilight contest on the GA lawn.

Emma Goodwin of the Germantown Academy scored four goals to help the Patriots defeat Wis on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Media news keb hunter.

“We knew we had to work together, use assists and play well with each other,” said Goodwin, who poured four goals with assists. “We performed a lot of plays and they all started clicking in the second half.”

With this victory, GA’s record rose to 4-3 in the season, and a home Inter-AC contest was held Thursday at 3:30 pm against rival Episcopal Academy.

The Trojan fell to 5-2 during the season and the SOL American game was held at Springfield Monco on Wednesday at 3:45.

“This was a great lesson to go further in the season, keep the game plan, stay a little more disciplined and limit fouls when playing tougher games,” said Trojan horse coach Nicole Fisher. It states. “This is a great lesson and a great opportunity to move forward.”

Wiss’s Emma Baker (right) controls a Trojan horse ball during a contest with GA on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

One of GA’s Mia Raven’s three goals was deadlocked at 13 each with 3 minutes and 57 seconds remaining.

The Patriots then made their first move forward at 14-13 at 3:19 with a Goodwin goal.

Sadie Hess made a clutch save, one of the four he made that day, and the captain’s defensive and outstanding Heidi Cross (3 goals) regained the ground ball and used his last energy to compete in the field. I made GA work. At the end of the whistle, the ball turned and ran out of the last two minutes of the 50-minute battle.

“I was talking to my team. It would be a complete game,” Foster said. “Wisahikon is a very solid team. They have a lot of seniors and they are ballers. They are just strong, aggressive players and heading towards the goal.”

The Trojan led the three in the first half and broke 8-6. Emma Baker scored five goals with a high five, while Emma Greenberg and Lexi McCabe added three goals each. Maddy Radel and Rex Hobson scored goals respectively.

The Trojan soared to a 13-9 advantage, but GA has begun its comeback. Maggie Borek added three goals to the Patriots and Sydney Wanna scored another.

“We’re starting to gain a share of draw control,” Foster said. “Wis had won them in the first half, but he started using the ball first and only a little late, it worked in our favor. It gave us the opportunity to rest in our defense. Giving and removing their pressure. “

GA and Wiss will meet before the contest on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. KevHunter, Media News.

Germantown Academy 14, Wisahikon 13

Wisahikon 85–13

GA 6 8 – 14

Wis’ goal assist: Madila del 1-0, Emma Baker 5-0, Rex Hobson 1-1, Emma Greenberg 3-1 and Lexi McCave 3-0.

GA Goal Assist: Sydney Wanna 1-0, Heidi Cross 3-0, Mirai Ven 3-2, Emma Goodwin 4-1 and Maggie Borek 3-0.

Germantown Academy rally past Wisahikon – the reporter online

Source link Germantown Academy rally past Wisahikon – the reporter online

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