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Georgia AG resigns as chairman of prosecution group in riot fallout | National

Atlanta (AP) — Georgia’s Supreme Attorney General has had a “fundamental disagreement” with some of the other 24 members since the group encouraged a crowd that broke the Capitol in January. He resigned as president of the National Republican Attorney Generals Association. 6.

Republican Chris Carr broke up with the group, first obtained on April 16th resignation Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionReflects continued division, as some high-ranking Republicans have moved away from Donald Trump and others are trying to show loyalty to the former president.

The Association’s funding arm, the Rule of Law Defense Fund, has paid Robocall to attend a rally just before the violent breach of the Houses of Parliament.

“We will march to the Parliament at 1:00 pm and call on Congress to stop the theft,” the Associated Press reported, Robocall said. “We want patriots like you to join us to keep fighting for the integrity of our elections.”

The association’s secretary-general, Adam Piper, resigned a few days later, and the board replaced Piper on Thursday with Peter Bisby, who reportedly led the Legal Defense Fund’s rules and approved phone payments on January 6. It was.

In the aftermath of the riot, Kerr repeatedly said he did not approve phone calls or acts of violence. His office also defended Georgia’s election results against a number of legal oppositions.

Kerr said he supported the restrictive election law signed by Brian Kemp last month and defended the state from lawsuits on it, but said he disagreed with the group’s current direction. ..

“This fundamental disagreement began with a very dissenting view of the importance of the January 6 case and its resistance to accepting the resignation of the Executive Secretary,” Kerr said in a letter on April 16. I wrote in. “As a result of trying to restore RAGA’s reputation both internally and externally, the differences continue and are reflected again in the process of choosing the next secretary-general.”

The association’s chief financial officer, Ashley Trenzelk, has also resigned from Bisby’s promotion. Alabama Political Reporter..

“For the past few months, I’ve addressed, reassured, and reassured concerns from the core donor base about the future direction of the organization,” Trenzeluk wrote in an email received on the website. .. “The result of the Executive Committee’s vote to appoint Pete as RAGA’s Executive Director is a decision I cannot defend.”

Johnny Kolemenos, a spokesman for the association, said the focus was on protecting conservative interests from President Joe Biden.

“Republican AG continues to fight the fundamental overkill of the Biden administration, which has destroyed jobs in the Keystone XL pipeline, destroyed jobs, rampant China in the interests of the United States, and implemented policies that trampled religious freedom. And the freedom of the citizens. “

Kerr is rumored to be considering bidding on a Republican nomination in 2022 to challenge Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock. Senator Jen Jordan of Sandy Springs, representing parts of Fulton and Cobb counties.

Georgia Democratic Party spokesman Rebecca Galanti described Kerr as “a radical who prioritizes politics over the rule of law.”

“Chris Carr oversaw an organization that urged people to march to the US Capitol in protest of free and fair elections. His resignation was further rebellious by the Attorney General of the Republican Party under his leadership. It does not change the fact that it has become. It has contributed to a democratic and deadly riot. “


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Georgia AG resigns as chairman of prosecution group in riot fallout | National

Source link Georgia AG resigns as chairman of prosecution group in riot fallout | National

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