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Kennett Square — Genesis Healthcare Inc. announces that CEO Harry Wilson and his consulting firm MAEVA Group will complete contracts with post-acute care provider companies nationwide by November 15. Announced.

In an announcement on Monday, the company said Wilson and the MAEVA Group provided notice of the end date. Wilson will also leave the board at the end of the engagement.

Wilson and MAEVA were adopted in March of this year and Kennett Square-based Genesis As a national leader in long-term care, laying the foundation for future innovation and growth. Wilson succeeded former CEO Robert H. Fish.

Since joining the company, Wilson has put together a restructuring plan for the company that has been approved by the board of directors. According to the company, he also oversees its first implementation.

“Genesis will continue to implement this plan while looking for a new CEO to lead the effort,” said a press release announcing the transition.

David Harrington, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Genesis, acknowledges Wilson’s efforts to “rapidly develop and move forward” the company’s turnaround plan.

“Genesis has already made great strides in a very short period of time and the company’s financial position is improving,” Harrington said in a release. “With my support, an experienced senior leadership team will continue to carry out restructuring plans with the same level of focus and commitment while the company is looking for a new CEO.”

“It’s a great honor and honor to work with the Genesis team,” Wilson said in the release. “Together, we’ve done a lot in a short amount of time. We look forward to seeing the team build up their work for months and years.

It is not clear if Wilson’s departure will come early. Wilson and the MAEVA Group “usually work on turnaround projects for six to nine months,” a Genesis spokeswoman said.

Wilson spent his early career in the financial services sector. Over time, he began to focus on transformational work and took on the senior position of the US Automobile Task Force, which led the restructuring of General Motors on behalf of the US Treasury. In 2011, Wilson founded the MAEVA Group as a platform to pursue similar transformational work.

Genesis Healthcare Inc. is a holding company with subsidiaries serving more than 250 skilled care facilities and support / senior living communities in 23 states. A Genesis subsidiary also provides rehabilitation therapies to approximately 1,100 healthcare providers in 43 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, please visit: www.genesishcc.com..

Genesis Healthcare is looking for a new CEO – thereporteronline

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