Generic term for groups of creatures

This time of year always provides an opportunity to see what is happening in nature. Every day, it even brings observations and notations for nature lovers.

Standing in the backyard of St. Clair the other night, you may be fascinated by dozens of starlings. The Ag Center’s “Sun Downside” (the western part of the center) was literally home to thousands of ladybugs.

Yes, things in nature are pretty active at this time of the year. It seems that “there are certainly a flock of feathered birds!” The names of groups of creatures frown when you read from now on. The following is a list of group names for locally found creatures.

Bats: colonies, clouds, or camps (bat clouds?)

Bear: Sloth or detective

Bees: Flock

Cat: Clouder or Glare (Kitten: Garbage)

Crow: Murder (You read that right!)

Dog: Pack (Puppy: Garbage)

Eagles: Convene

Elk: Gang or herd

Falcons: Cast

Ferret: Business

Fish: School (you knew this!)

Fox: skull or chain

Frog: Army

Goose: Goose

Mol: Labor

Lava: Pack

Otters: Family

Cow: Team or York

Owl: Congress

Parrot: turmoil

Pigs: (young pigs) drift or drive (old pigs) sounders or teams

Porcupine: Thorns (of course!)

Rabbit: Herd

Rat: colony

Ravens: Unfriendly

Skunk: Stink

Snake: Nest

Squirrel: Scarley or Dray

Swan: BB or game (in flight: wedge)

Toad: Knot

Turkey: gang or rafters or flock

Turtle: veil or nest

Weasel: Colony, Gang or Pack

The list may continue, but these are the more common creatures found in our area. You must have been surprised because I had some names.

Most names reflect what each can do. The otter family really lives up to its name! So is the herd of squirrels!

Generic term for groups of creatures

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