Game 5 Finale – NBC10 10 amazing stats from Philadelphia

Observing Loeb: 10 amazing stats from Game 5 wins Originally appeared NBC Sports Philadelphia

With or without Joel Embiid, the 76ers couldn’t stop at the offense of the series, beating the Wizards in five games in the first round of the Eastern Conference, averaging 124 points per game.

Lots of great offenses mean lots of great stats!

Tonight’s 76ers Roob Stats off 129-112 Game 5 Victory At the Wells Fargo Center!

Can’t be stopped by offense: The 76ers’ five-game 620 points are the highest of any team ever earned in a five-game first-round series. The previous high was 617, and the Nets scored against the Celtics in this year’s series. The highest score scored in the five-game series was 662 points, which was the score when the Nuggets in 1985 defeated Utah Jazz 4 to 1 in the series in 1985.

Ben was incredible: Ben Simmons’ triple-double was the third in his postseason career. Wilt Chamberlain was the only sixer, with nine more. Charles Barkley had two, Maurice Cheeks and George King one each. In NBA history, only 17 players have more postseason triple-doubles than Simmons.

At an elite company: Simmons scored 74 points, 51 rebounds and 46 assists in the series. He is the third player to reach all three benchmarks in five games of the first round, following LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. The only players to do that in the other round’s five-game series are Magic Johnson and Draymond Green.

One More Ben: Simmons shot 73 percent, 70 percent, 80 percent and 64 percent in the last four games of the series after hitting three batting averages in the first game. He is the 16th player in NBA history to shoot at least 64% in four consecutive playoff games (Kareem Abdul Jabber, Bill Russell, Robert Parish, Darryl Dawkins, Dwight Howard). Five consecutive NBA games recorded by Shawn Kemp in 1996.

Dwight Howard did this only once: After Round 4, we noted that Dwight Howard’s career postseason free throw rate was 0.544, the tenth worst in NBA history. Howard made eight out of ten shots from the foul line on Wednesday night. This is the 47th time Howard has attempted more than 10 free throws in a postseason match, and the second time he has shot more than 80%. He was at the Wells Fargo Center in 2009. He lost to 76ers 96 to 94, with a batting average of 12 (0.857) from the Magic line.

Rebound machine: Howard also became the second player in NBA history to record three games in one series with more than eight rebounds within 16 minutes. JaVale McGee did that with a series win against the Lakers against Portland last year. Howard currently has four of the most careers in NBA history. He was tied to Mel Counts, Gene Conley, and McGee.

light up: The 76ers shot 51.2% on Wednesday night, surpassing 50% in the third game of the series. This is the first time in 34 years, the third in franchise history, and only three shots of 50 percent or more in three games in the postseason series. In 1987, he shot more than 50 percent in four games in the first round series with Bucks, and in 1982 he shot more than 50 percent in all five games in another series with Bucks.

Seto was on fire: When Seth Curry scored 30 points and had a 58% shot rate from the field, he joined Joel Embiid (36 points, 78%) and scored 30 points as the second 76er in the series to shoot. The rate exceeded 58%. In the last 30 years, only the other three Sixers have achieved it in playoff games. Allen Iverson three times, Andre Miller once, Simmons 2019 vs. Nets.

Keep shooting, Russell: No one doubts Russell Westbrook’s greatness, but the future Hall of Fame hit only 7 out of 20 in Game 5 and 28 out of 84 (33%) in the series. This is the series. It has the second lowest field goal rate of 76ers in history, the lowest in 43 years (minimum 60 trials). In 1978, Mitch Kupchak had a 72 batting average of 23 batting averages (32 percent), also against Washington.

Don’t forget Maxy: Rookie Tyrese Maxey scored 45 points in 79 minutes in the series. He is a rookie who has scored at least 40 points in less than 80 minutes in the playoff series since Todd Lichti of the Nuggets played against the Spurs in 1990.

Game 5 Finale – NBC10 10 amazing stats from Philadelphia

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