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Jersey Shore, PA-After a $ 2 million construction project, a new heliport on the Geisinger Jersey Shore is in operation. Heliports help reduce transportation time for seriously ill or injured patients and are located above the hospital’s emergency department.

Prior to the construction of the heliport, medical helicopter transport from the Jersey Shore area landed at Jersey Shore Airport in Antes Fort, about three miles from the hospital. Medical staff can now save valuable time by eliminating the need to drive patients from the airport to the hospital.

Sean Simcox, a member of the Gaisinger Jersey Shore Hospital Community Advisory Board, talks about the impact of the new heliport on the Jersey Shore community and continued investment in hospitals.

If the patient needs to be transported for a higher level of care, the patient will first stabilize at the Gaisinger Jersey Shore Hospital. Upon arrival, the flight crew will transfer the patient to another medical facility, providing a seamless transition of care.

In addition to the heliport, Gaisinger Jersey Shore has recently invested in telemedicine technology to connect ER clinicians with medical professionals at other institutions to provide the best possible care options in crisis situations. increase.

“The construction of this heliport will help save lives,” said Tammy Underler, Chief Administrative Officer of Geisinger’s North Central Region, MSN, CRNP and PhD. “Investing in our equipment and telemedicine technology, and now heliports, show our commitment to make better health easier and more accessible to our neighbors. Thank you for the support of the community and for putting this heliport here for the community. “

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The crew of the Gaisinger Life Flight at the ceremonial fly-in at the Gaisinger Jersey Shore Hospital on Wednesday took pictures under the leadership of the hospital and community against the backdrop of the aircraft. From left to right: James Young, MD; Sean Simcox, Chief Medical Officer in the North Central Region of Geisinger, a member of the Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital Community Advisory Board. Chris Royles, Life Flight Pilot. Tyffanny Cavanaugh, LifeFlight Registered Nurse. Stephen Perrin, Lifeflight Emergency Medicine; Kenneth Thompson, Lifeflight Emergency Medicine; Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, MD, Co-Chair of Gaisinger’s Emergency Medicine.

In addition to the heliport, the construction included ramps, heated walkways, and a new doorway from the heliport to the second floor of the hospital.

Part of the funding for this project was provided through a donation to the Geisinger Health Foundation and a $ 250,000 grant from the Williamsport Lycoming Community Fund of the First Community Foundation Partnership (FCFP) in Pennsylvania.

“The Foundation is pleased to invest in this opportunity to improve the lifesaving services of the larger community on the Jersey Shore,” said Jennifer D. Wilson, President and CEO of FCFP. “We are grateful to Gaisinger Jersey Shore Hospital for helping the FCFP work towards a vision of creating a stronger community through passionate donations.”

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Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, MD, Co-Chair of Geisinger’s Emergency Medicine, speaks to the crowd during the first fly-in of Wednesday’s ceremony. As an emergency physician, Dr. Fitzpatrick commented on how heliports can help save lives by saving time and transporting patients faster when minutes are important.

Geisinger Life Flight is one of the ambulance services using heliports. On average, LifeFlight transports five patients a month from Gaisinger Jersey Shore Hospital. Overall, Life Flight typically transports more than 3,500 patients annually throughout Pennsylvania.

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Gaisinger Jersey Shore Heliport Launches Service to the Region | Life

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